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African Archaeological Review

African Archaeological Review

An Early Pleistocene Phytolith Record from Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape, South Africa

Peter R. Schmidt (ed.), Postcolonial Archaeologies in Africa

Early Domestic Stock in Southern Africa: A Commentary

Innovation and industry during the Early Iron Age in East Africa: the KM2 and KM3 sites of northwest Tanzania

Nicholas David, Performance and Agency: The DGB Sites of Northern Cameroon

Radiocarbon chronology of Neolithic and Predynastic sites in Upper Egypt and the Delta

Revisiting the Parietal Art of Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa

Laurel Phillipson, Using Stone Tools: the Evidence from Aksum, Ethiopia

Book Review The Archaeological Identity of the Mutapa State: Towards an Historical Archaeology of Northern Zimbabwe (Studies in African Archaeology). By Innocent Pikirayi. Societas Archaeologica Upsaliensis, Uppsala, 1993, 200 pp., ISBN91-506-1007-4

Reinvestigation of Kintampo 6 rock shelter, Ghana: implications for the nature of culture change

An Interview with Merrick Posnansky

Material Culture and Indigenous Spiritism: the Katamansu Archaeological “Otutu” (Shrine)

Beyond Academic Archaeology in Africa: The Human Dimension

Subsistence patterns of the Dhar Tichitt Neolithic, Mauritania

Variability in the Neolithic Settlement Patterns of the Egyptian Nile Valley

Remarks on Early Iron Age Burial Sites from Southern Cameroon

The Palaeolithic and its environment in the northern part of the Chad basin

I Like You, I Like Your Pottery: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach to Ceramic Distribution and Acquisition in Northeastern Ghana

Barbed Bone Points: Tradition and Continuity in Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa

Recent Investigations on Holocene Occupations in Northeastern Algeria: The Contribution of Kef en-Naga

P. Van Peer, P. Vermeersch, and E. Paulissen, Chert Quarrying, Lithic Technology, and a Modern Human Burial at the Palaeolithic Site of Taramsa 1, Upper Egypt

Stone tools from the Inner Zaïre Basin (Région de l'Equateur, Zaïre)

New Directions in South African Archaeozoology of the Last 2,000 Years

A Review of Swahili Archaeology

Beware the Springbok in Sheep’s Clothing: How Secure Are the Faunal Identifications upon Which We Build Our Models?

The Holocene Archaeology of Southwest Ethiopia: New Insights from the Kafa Archaeological Project

Book Review: Aspects of African Archaeology.Edited by G. Pwiti and R. Soper. University of Zimbabwe, Harare, 1996, 855 pp.

A reply to the Editor

Faunal Assemblage Structure Suggests a Limited Impact of the Introduction of Domestic Stock on Later Stone Age Subsistence Economies in South Africa

Saving the Past in Kenya: Urban and Monument Conservation

The Early Middle Pleistocene Site of Gombore II (Melka Kunture, Upper Awash, Ethiopia) and the Issue of Acheulean Bifacial Shaping Strategies

Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Investigations Along the Southern Fringes of Lake Chad, 1993–1996

Glynn Llywelyn Isaac, 1937–1985: a personal appreciation and assessment

Of Buffalo and Butchers: Coupling Traditional Procurement Studies with Taphonomic Analyses to Explore Intensive Wild Animal Processing Patterns at Two Early Iron Age Sites in the Kruger National Park

Some Insights on the Aterian in the Libyan Sahara: Chronology, Environment, and Archaeology

Postcolonial Archaeologies in Africa: Breaking the Silence

Book Review: The Tanzanian Coast in the First Millennium AD. An Archaeology of the Iron-Working, Farming Communities (Studies in African Archaeology 7).By Felix Chami. Societas Archaeological Upsaliensis, Uppsala, 1994, 106 pp.

A survey of surveys: aspects of surface archaeology in sub-Saharan Africa

Archaeology and Modern Sudanese Cultural Identity

Earliest Evidence for the Ivory Trade in Southern Africa: Isotopic and ZooMS Analysis of Seventh–Tenth Century ad Ivory from KwaZulu-Natal

The Insider and the Ethnography of Secrecy: Challenges of Collecting Data on Fearful Komo of the Tagwa-Senufo

The Archaeology of Global Encounters Viewed from Banda, Ghana

The Upper Pleistocene and early Holocene prehistory of the Horn of Africa

Book Review: Recherches Archéologiques sur la Capitale de l'Empire de Ghana (Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology 41, BAR S680).By Sophie Berthier. Archaeopress, Oxford, 1997, 143 pp.

Technological, Functional and Contextual Aspects of the K2 and Mapungubwe Worked Bone Industries

Interpreting African Genetic Diversity

Chronology of the Khartoum ‘Mesolithic’ and ‘Neolithic’ and related sites in the Sudan: statistical analysis and comparisons with Egypt

Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Jeffrey Fleisher (Eds.), Theory in Africa, Africa in Theory: Locating Meaning in Archaeology

The Challenges and Potentials of Archaeological Heritage in Africa—Cape Verdean Reflections

Late Pleistocene Technology at Rose Cottage Cave: A Search for Modern Behavior in an MSA Context

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