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Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine

Socio-Economic Effects of Substance Abuse In Nigerian Youths -A Case Study of Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos

Authors: Gloria Oiyahumen Anetor, Vivian . Nwigwe

Journal: Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine

The prevalence of substance abuse remains high among youths in Nigeria. Young people who have been identified as a critical priority group for prevention and treatment interventions for substance abuse. The socioeconomic effects of substance abuse are undermined by youths who indulge in substance abuse seeing drug use as part of transition into adulthood.  To assess the predominant factors of substance abuse among youths; as well as examining the socioeconomic effects of substance abuse; which appears to be highly prevalent among youths in order to proffer solution to reduce the menace. Purposive descriptive survey design was used with validated self-developed questionnaire. The participants were 88 youths that were outpatients, (64 males, 24 females) seeking healthcare at the Neuro-psychiatry hospital, Yaba Lagos. The results showed that the youths were mostly between 15 and 19 years old (mean 16.7). Over twenty seven (27.3%) had alcohol habit and 23.9% smoked occasionally. About forty-eight (47.8%) took substance to ‘feel good/high’. The youths agreed that parental genes, culture and ethnicity, and environment (59.1%, 78.4% and 76.2% respectively) influenced their substance abuse. Peer pressure and socioeconomic status (SES) significantly influenced substance abuse (p < 0.05). Peer pressure and socioeconomic effects of substance abuse remain a major public among youths in Nigeria.  There is need for health education of youths, parents and other stakeholders on the health consequences of substance abuse and its prevention which should involve all the members of the society