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Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine

Exacerbative Effect of Paullinia pinnata Methanol Leaf Extract on Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether-Induced Testicular Dysfunction in Male Wistar Rats

Authors: Oluwatoyin Adenike Adeyemo-Salami, Ebenezer Olatunde Farombi

Journal: Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine

Paullinia pinnata (PP) is a medicinal plant whose parts are used for medicinal purposes traditionally in the treatment of various diseases including malaria, diarrhea and to help infertility which is currently a scourge globally. Sixty adult male Wistar rats were weight-matched into six groups of ten animals each. All administrations were done orally daily for twenty-one consecutive days as follows: Group I(control) – distilled water; Group II – 1.5 ml/kg body weight of 10% dimethyl sulfoxide (vehicle); Group III- Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether (EGME) only (200 mg/kg); Group IV- PP only (200 mg/kg); Group V- EGME+PP at 100 mg/kg body weight and Group VI- EGME+PP at 200 mg/kg body weight. On day 22, blood was collected for the analysis of the reproductive hormones. The animals were euthanized and the brain, testes and epididymes were processed and used for spermatozoa analysis, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory assays, and histological examination appropriately. The plasma concentrations of the reproductive hormones including luteinizing hormone were significantly increased in the co-administered groups while the plasma testosterone concentration was decreased. Similarly, the spermatozoa parameters including testicular spermatozoa number were reduced in the EGME only and co-administered groups. Antioxidant parameters including catalase and glutathione-S-transferase were affected in the epididymis, testes and brain in the EGME only and co-administered groups. The inflamma-tory markers were also elevated. The results were complemented by the histological observations. Paullinia pinnata leaves lack chemopreventive potential against Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether- induced gonadotoxicity rather, it exacerbates the deleterious effects.