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Trench layering using indole-3-butyric acid and local organic substrate mixtures to enhance rooting and survival of apple rootstocks

Genetic analysis of male sterility genes in different A and B sorghum lines

Characterisation of Phaseolus coccineus interspecific germplasm accessions for disease resistance, grain market class and yield attributes

Status and utilisation of Moringa oleifera Lam: A review

Fungi associated with a dry invasive white patches on trunks of economic fruit trees in south-west Nigeria

Performance and inheritance of yield and maize streak virus disease resistance in white maize and yellow conversions

Mineral fertilisation by microdose: Incentives for widespread adoption in Burkina Faso

Factors influencing adaptation to climate change among smallholder farming communities in Nigeria

Combining ability for grain yield and silking of maize inbred lines derived from three open pollinated varieties released for mid altitudes of Rwanda: Comparison of Diallel and North Carolina Design II

Effect of cooking and extraction method on oleaginous cucurbit seed oils quality

Effect of intensity and timing of defoliation on seed yield and yield components in oilseed gourd and its implication in insect pests’ sustainable control

Fruit set and plant regeneration in cassava following interspecific pollination with castor bean

Evaluation of bio-physiological and yield responses of stay green QTL introgression sorghum lines to post-flowering drought stress

Identification moleculaire des champignons des semences chez l’Assamela suivi de leur protection a partir des poudres et extraits issus de plantes medicinales

Overlapping quantitative trait loci indication of similarity of rice response to various stresses

Détermination de l’âge optimal en pépinière des plants de cacaoyer pour une meilleure réussite au champ

Leveraging biological nitrogen fixation and soybean yield by planting duration under varying onset of rainy seasons in Uganda

Influence de l’apport du bois raméals fragmentés et du fumier sur l’indice de la qualité biologique du sol, sur un sol inculte, dans une région semi-aride Méditerranéenne, Algérie

Genetic basis and the current breeding efforts for quality protein maize in Southern Africa

Limiting nutrients for bean production on contrasting soil types of Lake Victoria Crescent of Uganda

Effect of intermittent drought on phenotypic traits of F5 RIL Andean intra-gene cross population (BRB 191 X SEQ 1027) of common bean

Morphotypes, distribution and uses of false banana in Uganda

Genome wide analysis of NAC transcription factors and their expression pattern during high temperature and drought stress in groundnut

Identification of a ‘mild’ strain of sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus and impact on titres of co-infecting SPFMV

Seasonal dynamics and alternate hosts of thrips transmitted Iris yellow spot virus in Kenya

Detection of cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus (CABMV) in cowpea by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction

Galls of Guiera senegalensis J.F. GMEL (Combretaceae) as potential source of insecticides against the main cowpea pest Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) detoxification enzymes

Resistance of Uganda soybean germplasm to Adzuki bean bruchid

Analysis of citrus value chain in eastern Uganda

Molecular characteristics of tomato mosaic virus infecting tomato in Uganda

Performances agro-morphologiques des varietes locales et ameliorees de maïs au sud-ouest du Niger

Effect of mixing cereal and legume straws on yield of grey oyster mushroom under controlled conditions

Conservation des extraits aqueux de feuilles de neem, d’hyptis et de papayer et efficacite contre les ravageurs du niebe au Benin

Perceived nutrition benefits and socio-demographic factors affecting consumption of forest foods in eastern and southern Cameroon

Implications of correlations and genotype by environment interactions among cotton traits

Effect of maturity stages on seed quality of two tomato accessions

Heritability and number of genes controlling seed yield in bottle gourd

Trait association and stability of virus resistance among cowpea genotypes in Uganda

Yield and stability of new cowpea varieties in Zimbabwe

Management of an emerging pest, Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae), with pesticides in eastern Ethiopia

Diversity level of genomic microsatellite among cultivated genotypes of Digitaria species in Nigeria

Integrating phenotypic evaluations with a molecular diversity assessment of an Ethiopian collection of common bean landraces

Western honey bee management for crop pollination

Analyse de la variabilite des rendements du riz selon les varietes et les pratiques culturales : Cas des perimetres irrigues de Toula, Bonfeba et de Diomona au Niger

Linear discriminant analysis of structure within African eggplant ‘Shum’

Evaluation of rice cultivars for resistance to rice yellow mottle virus

Identification of common bean genotypes with dual leaf and pod resistance to common bacterial blight disease in Uganda

Evaluation of microbial and enzymatic communities in soil and rizosphere from soybean plants

Shoot water content and reference evapotranspiration for determination of crop evapotranspiration

Simulation du climat futur et des rendements agricoles en region Soudano-Sahelienne en Republique du Benin

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