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Alexandria Engineering Journal

Analysis the optimum inlet air temperature for controlling homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine

Necessary conditions of coupled mkdV-BLMP system for multiple-soliton solutions to exist

Linear programming applications in construction sites

Dynamic response of multiple nanobeam system under a moving nanoparticle

Analysis of Stokes flow through periodic permeable tubules

Generalized thermoelastic diffusion in a thick circular plate including heat source

Effect of internal heat generation or absorption on MHD free convection from an isothermal truncated cone

Effects of nanoparticles on the peristaltic motion of tangent hyperbolic fluid model in an annulus

Optimizing strategy software for repetitive construction projects within multi-mode resources

An impact of ethyl esters of groundnut acid oil (vegetable oil refinery waste) used as emerging fuel in DI diesel engine

Energy efficient selective hop selection optimization to maximize lifetime of wireless sensor network

Analysis of wound filter performance from DREF yarn spun at different suction pressure

Modeling mixing convection analysis of discrete partially filled porous channel for optimum design

Optimization of multi objective vehicle routing problem using a new hybrid algorithm based on particle swarm optimization and artificial bee colony algorithm considering Precedence constraints

Characteristics of Joule heating and viscous dissipation on three-dimensional flow of Oldroyd B nanofluid with thermal radiation

Performance and design of spear shaped antenna for UWB band applications

Analysis of wound filter performance from DREF yarn spun at different suction pressure

Corrosion inhibitory properties of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) extract: Effect on mild steel corrosion in 1 M HCl solution

Improvement of water distribution networks analysis by topological similarity

Newtonian heating effect on unsteady hydromagnetic Casson fluid flow past a flat plate with heat and mass transfer

Behaviour of single pile in consolidating soil

(One-step) electrochemical deposition and characterization of CuInSe2 thin films

The effect of energy prices on energy consumption efficiency in the petrochemical industry in Iran

Application of NARX neural network model for discharge prediction through lateral orifices

Decision support system for selecting optimal construction bid price

Analysis and design of CPW fed antenna at ISM band for biomedical applications

Evaluating construction projects of hotels based on environmental sustainability with MCDM framework

Nanofluid flow over an unsteady stretching surface in presence of thermal radiation

On the performance of circular concrete-filled high strength steel columns under axial loading

Two-mode coupled Burgers equation: Multiple-kink solutions and other exact solutions

A novel 3-input XOR function implementation in quantum dot-cellular automata with energy dissipation analysis

Revisiting the lid-driven cavity flow problem: Review and new steady state benchmarking results using GPU accelerated code

LBM simulation of natural convection in an inclined triangular cavity filled with water

Influence of injection timing on DI diesel engine characteristics fueled with waste transformer oil

The boundary layer flow of hyperbolic tangent fluid over a vertical exponentially stretching cylinder

Cubic B-splines collocation method for a class of partial integro-differential equation

Effect of replacing nitrogen with helium on a closed cycle diesel engine performance

Optimal homotopy asymptotic method for solving Volterra integral equation of first kind

Experimental study on combustion and performance characteristics in a DI CI engine fuelled with blends of waste plastic oil

Economical velocity through pipeline networks ‘‘Case Studies of Several Different Markets”

Semi-parametric estimation for ARCH models

Experimental investigation on performance characteristics of a diesel engine using diesel-water emulsion with oxygen enriched air

A Utilization-based Genetic Algorithm for Solving the University Timetabling Problem (UGA)

Effect of slip on Herschel–Bulkley fluid flow through narrow tubes

A Multi-Synchronous Bi-Directional NoC (MBiNoC) architecture with dynamic self-reconfigurable channel for the GALS infrastructure

Effect of wire EDM conditions on generation of residual stresses in machining of aluminum 2014 T6 alloy

An experimental study on premixed charge compression ignition-direct ignition engine fueled with ethanol and gasohol

Damage detection of flexural structural systems using damage index method – Experimental approach

Flow and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in a rotating frame

Ranking of delay factors in construction projects after Egyptian revolution

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