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African Education Review

Embers to bonfires: an analysis of early childhood teacher training in Zambia

Promoting self-regulated learning to improve achievement: A case study in higher education

Developing a Mathematics Education Quality Scale

Adapt or die: The views of Unisa student teachers on teaching practice at schools

University, Knowledge and Regional Development: Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer in a Developing Region

Teaching practicum supervisors' identity and student assessment on the practicum: An assorted mind-set?

Learners' Approaches to Solving Mathematical Tasks: Does Specialisation Matter?

Barriers to human capital development: Case studies in Swaziland, Cameroon and Kenya

Demographic Characteristics as Determinants of Unemployment among University Graduates in Nigeria

Curriculum as open-ended inquiry in higher education

Continuous Professional Development: What Role and Who Benefits? Reflections on Teacher Development in Uganda

Attitudes of students towards the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) in a face-to-face learning mode of instruction

Gender Construction Through Textbooks: The Case of an Ethiopian Primary School English Textbook

Revisiting lifelong learning for quality improvement in ODL institutions in Africa

Linguistic Gender Sensitivity Strategies in Current South African Intermediate Phase English Workbooks: Feminisation or Degenderisation?

Perspectives on the training of school governing bodies: towards an effective and efficient financial management system

School Leadership in West Africa: Findings from a Systematic Literature Review

Implementing gender issues in ICT

Education for Sustainable Development in South Africa: A Model Case Scenario

Enhancing intermediate dyslexic learners' literacy skills: a Free State community project

Towards Responsible Massification: Some Pointers for Supporting Lecturers

Self-efficacy and the recognition of prior learning

Challenges in the Integration of Multimedia by History Teachers in the North West Province of South Africa

Key challenges facing the South African academic profession at the interfaces of management, interaction with the international academic community and service for society

Anticipated developments: East Africa's private universities and privatisation of public universities in the global context

A Story of a Journey in Implementing an E-Assessment System at a South African University

Lesotho's highly credentialed teachers: Emergent forms of teacher social becoming

The dearth of international Baccalaureate schools across Africa

Critical emancipatory research and academic identity

Narratives of adolescent girls journeying via feminist participatory action research through the aftermath of divorce

Institutional mergers and access: The case of North-West University

The changing racial profile of academic staff at South African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), 2005–2013

Cultivating the next generation of academics in South Africa

The strategy to align road safety education to the Further Education and Training band curriculum

Teacher training through distance education: IICBA's experience

Resistance in the classroom – from dysfunctional to functional: A future necessary skill?

Challenges and prospects for improving teacher education and development through the National Policy Framework on Teacher Education and Development

Entrepreneurship education: Enhancing or discouraging graduate start-up at the University of Pretoria

Student performance in Introductory Microeconomics at an African open and distance learning institution

The perceptions of stakeholders of the implementation of a state funding model in South African public schools

An evaluation of policies and programmes related to children with disabilities in Botswana

The challenges of establishing social learning spaces at a Johannesburg university student residence: Student views

Collaboration in open and distance learning: The realities of policy implementation in the Africa region

Low educational participation of marginalised children in Botswana’s rural and remote schools: Interface between cultural, structural and institutional factors

Clustering schools to improve teacher professional development: Lessons learnt from a Zimbabwean case study

PhD year 1 students’ experience with the Educational Technology and Innovation Course

Empowerment of women students through educational achievement: A narrative enquiry

Students encountering race and negotiating friendships, sexuality and language on campus

The effect of learner misbehaviour on educators in Lesotho

The related effects of item characteristics in measures of epistemological beliefs

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