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African Education Review

Language anxiety caused by the single mode of instruction in multilingual classrooms: The case of African language learners

Authors: S. Madonsela

Journal: African Education Review

The capacity to use language is unique from one individual to another. This could also depend on the individual's exposure to a language. This article aims to contribute to the growing area of research on language anxiety by exploring the extent to which language anxiety affects learners’ performance in learning in multilingual classrooms, especially African learners who are learning English as a second language. Learners, especially in the Intermediate Phase in South Africa who are learning in a second language for the first time, may experience a certain level of anxiety because that language is foreign to them. The discussion idea is further advanced by exploring the use more than one language in teaching in order to promote learner autonomy in the learning process. The conclusion will try to provide possible means to deal with language anxiety amongst learners in order to improve learner performance.