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Africa Insight

Indicators of Multiple Deprivations: A Comparative Analysis of Wards in Limpopo, South Africa

Multinational Corporations as Supplier of Corruption in Africa

State Reconstruction in Madagascar; an Opportune Moment for Participation of Local Voices and Promotion of Intra-Africa Trade

Achieving or Failing? An Interrogation of the Status of Africa within the International System

Exploring Local Opportunities for Improving Rural Incomes and Job Creation: Insight from an Empirical Study of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

The Independence of the Electoral Commissions and Election Management Bodies in an African Setting: Fact or Fiction?

Book Review : The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism

Editorial: Borders, Informal Cross-border Economies and Regional Integration in Africa

Borders, Informal Cross-Border Economies and Regional Integration in Africa

Regional Integration and Development in Africa: Rethinking Borders and Informality

Theorising Borders in Africa: What are the Implications for African Integration?

Issues in African Informality: What is the Relevance for Regional or Continental Integration?

Displacement and Cross-Border Mobility in the Great Lakes: Region Re-thinking Underlying Factors and Implications for Regional Management of Migration

Migration, Integration and Inter-Community Development in West Africa

Book Review Africa’s World Trade: Informal Economies and Globalisation from Below

Book Review Africa’s Informal Workers: Collective Agency, Alliances and Transnational Organising in Urban Africa

Women and indigenous knowledge systems in rural subsistence farming: the case of climate change in Africa

Social cohesion in the Central African Republic

Africa peace and security architecture: reflections on over a decade of promoting peace and security in Africa

‘If you have no moonlight, use the stars’: the dynamics of transnational statebuilding between the UN Mission, politicians and elders in Somalia

The relevance of African indigenous knowledge systems in contemporary conflict transformation: the case of the Bakweri Chieftaincy in Cameroon

The rhetoric of transformation in South African higher education: realities, myths and contestations

Relevance of sustainable livelihood approach in Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme

Peace resourcing with water access and development in rural Zimbabwe

Book Review: The Man Who Founded the ANC: A Biography of Pixley Ka Isaka Seme

Challenges with nation building in Africa: The Heglig Oil conflict and crises of identity and belonging in South Sudan

Service infrastructure, housing consolidation and upgrading of informal settlements: reflections from a longitudinal research done in the Free State Goldfields, South Africa

Nigerians beyond the borders: construction and sustenance of a national identity in diaspora

Book Review: Reflections On Goldberg’s Variations on Africanist Themes

Dichotomies of chronic and episodic rural-urban poverty: a South African context

A critical assessment of electoral processes in the fourth republic’s (1999-2015) democratic dispensation in Nigeria

Harnessing natural resource wealth for inclusive development in Nigeria: lessons from Norway

Searching for best practice: a study on trafficking in persons in west Africa and South Africa

Defining a responsible university: society, impact, relevance and growth

Biographical writings on Archie Mafeje: a critique

Book Review: Re-thinking the national development crisis: consciousness and the faces behind the mask

Editorial: Investment on Land or Land Grabbing? Land Reform, Agricultural Production and Food Security Challenges in Africa

Beyond Coloniality of Markets: Exploring the Neglected Dimensions of the Land Question from Endogenous African Decolonial Epistemological Perspectives

‘Land Grabbing’ and the Politics of Evidence: The case of Senegal

The Intersectionalities of Land Grabs in Nigeria: Engaging the New Scramble for African Lands

Smallholders’ Access to Agricultural Markets and Technology, Role of Agricultural Cooperatives and Contracts in Africa: Evidence from Dairy farmers in Ethiopia

The Political Economy of Hunger in South Africa: Theoretical Perspectives from the South

Politics of Belonging: Exploring Land Contestations and Conflicts in Kenya’s North Rift Region

The Urban Land Question, Land Reform and the Spectre of Extrajudicial Land Occupations in South Africa

Analysis of Land-related Corruption in Zimbabwe

Editorial: the quest to end poverty in Africa the implementation of the right to development

Actualising the right to development in Africa: options and prospects

Right to development: ‘shining the light’ on Africa

Poverty eradication through global partnerships and the question of the right to development under International Law

Africa and the dilemma of transformation: exploring trade for the realisation of the right to development

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