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African Journal of AIDS Research

Psycho-educational and social interventions provided for orphans and vulnerable children at a community-based organisation in Soweto, South Africa

The role of support groups in linking and retaining newly diagnosed clients in HIV care in a peri-urban location in South Africa

HIV prevalence and related behaviours of older people in Botswana — secondary analysis of the Botswana AIDS Impact Survey (BAIS) IV

“I don’t want them to know”: how stigma creates dilemmas for engagement with Treat-all HIV care for people living with HIV in Eswatini

Determinants of risky sexual behaviours among adolescents in Central African Republic, Eswatini and Ghana: evidence from multi-indicator cluster surveys

Factors associated with adherence to ARV treatment in people living with HIV/AIDS in a rural area (Koula-Moutou) in East Gabon

Association between HIV/AIDS knowledge and stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS in Botswana

The influence of marital status on HIV infection in an HIV hyperendemic area of rural South Africa, 2000–2017

The feasibility of the draw-and-write technique in exploring the resilience of children orphaned by AIDS

Informal transit, socio-spatial exclusion, and changing geographies of HIV/AIDS in urban Malawi

Editorial: Health and AIDS in 2019 and beyond

The relationship between social support and anxiety amongst children living with HIV in rural northern Namibia

Multisectoral (in)action: Towards effective mainstreaming of HIV in public sector departments in South Africa

Employees’ experiences of the stigma of HIV in a retail organisation: Secrecy, privacy or trust?

Socio-demographic, marital and psychosocial predictors of safe sex behaviour among Mozambican women at risk for HIV/AIDS

Social engagement and survival in people aged 50 years and over living with HIV and without HIV in Uganda: A prospective cohort study

Unpacking the practice of ukujola in contemporary South Africa: Understanding informal/casual sexual relations of young African adults in the context of HIV and AIDS

Stunted scale-up of a performance-based financing program on HIV and maternal–child health services in Mozambique — a policy analysis

Book Review Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World

“Treatment is not yet necessary”: delays in seeking access to HIV treatment in Uganda and Zimbabwe

“I think the parent should be there because no one was born alone”: Kenyan adolescents’ perspectives on parental involvement in HIV research

Mother–baby dyads enrolled in PMTCT care in western Kenya: characteristics and implications for ART programmes

Tablet-based disclosure counselling for HIV-infected children, adolescents, and their caregivers: a pilot study

Prevalence of HIV and other infections and injection behaviours among people who inject drugs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

An assessment of antiretroviral drug initiation to pregnant women of unknown HIV status during labour and delivery in Cameroon

Courage and confidence to stop lying: caregiver perspectives on a video to support paediatric HIV disclosure in Kampala, Uganda

Community perceptions and personal accounts of HIV discordance in rural western Kenya

Book Review: Gender and HIV in South Africa: Advancing women’s health and capabilities

Effects of exposure to an intensive HIV-prevention programme on behavioural changes among female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya

Perceived HIV-related stigma among university students in South Africa: implications for HIV testing

Psychosocial characteristics of primary care-seeking long-distance truck drivers in Kenya and associations with HIV testing

Programmatic mapping to determine the size and dynamics of sex work and injecting drug use in Mauritius

Healthcare providers’ understanding of HIV serodiscordance in South Africa and Uganda: implications for HIV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa

Poverty as a barrier to antiretroviral therapy access for people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya

A critical participatory pedagogical approach to enabling life orientation students to develop social literacy through HIV education

Promoting mental health of students living with HIV using appreciative inquiry

“Bringing back hope”: how faith-based responses to HIV and AIDS differ from secular responses

Provider understandings of and attitudes towards integration: Implementing an HIV and sexual and reproductive health service integration model, South Africa

Barriers to antiretroviral therapy initiation for HIV-positive children aged 2–18 months in Swaziland

Physical activity, social support and socio-economic status amongst persons living with HIV and AIDS: a review

Late entry to HIV and AIDS care and treatment, Juba Teaching Hospital, Juba, South Sudan, 2013–2016

Perceptions of why Malawians engage in concurrent sexual partnerships among a select population of radio listeners: findings from an exploratory study

The influence of lotteries on employees’ workplace HIV testing behaviour

Incursions from the epicentre: Southern theory, social science, and the global HIV research domain

Teenage pregnancies in Mozambique: the experience of “Servicios Amigos dos Adolescentes” clinics in Beira

The role of children in their HIV-positive parents’ management of antiretroviral therapy in Uganda

Structural barriers to South African volunteer home-based caregivers providing quality care: the need for a policy for caregivers not affiliated to primary healthcare clinics

Estimating risk factors for HIV infection among women in Mozambique using population-based survey data

Community perceptions of the socio-economic structural context influencing HIV and TB risk, prevention and treatment in a high prevalence area in the era of antiretroviral therapy

Managing HIV-positive sero-status in Ghana’s most HIV concentrated district: self-perceived explanations and theoretical discourse

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