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African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Smallholders’ agricultural commercialisation, food crop yield and poverty reduction: Evidence from rural Burkina Faso

Farmers’ perceptions of climate change and farm-level adaptation strategies: Evidence from Bassila in Benin

The role of cattle attributes in buyers' choices in Benin

Barriers to trade in Sub-Saharan Africa food markets

Spatial price transmission under different policy regimes: A case of maize markets in Kenya

Agriculturally led development: Ethiopia

Assessing livestock total factor productivity: A Malmquist Index approach

Moroccan agriculture, climate change, and the Moroccan Green Plan: A CGE analysis

Tobacco substitutability and its effect on producer revenue and foreign exchange earnings under smallholder agriculture in Malawi

The role of land- and water-use rights in smallholders’ productive use of irrigation water in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Economic welfare implications of policy changes regarding food safety and quality in Ghana

Can agro-processing lead re-industrialisation in Sub-Saharan Africa? A two-stage approach to productivity analysis

How low is the price elasticity in the global cocoa market?

Modelling the optimal cropping pattern to 2030 under different climate change scenarios: A study on Egypt

Modelling land-use decisions in production systems involving multiple crops and varieties

Do data envelopment and stochastic frontier analyses produce similar efficiency estimates? The case of Ghanaian maize production

Addressing food and nutrition security in South Africa: A review of policy responses since 2002

Labour market and intra-household dynamics in urban Tanzania

Engagement dynamics in large-scale investments in farmland and implications for smallholder farmers – evidence from Zambia

Les facteurs de l’adoption des nouvelles technologies en agriculture en Afrique Subsaharienne: une revue de la littérature

Infrastructure investments for improved market access in subSaharan Africa: A CGE analysis

Does linking farmers to markets work? Evidence from the World Food Programme’s Purchase for Progress satellite collection points initiative in Uganda

The impacts of community-based cash management tools on smallholder rural farmers’ access to livelihood assets

Policy brief Gaps in the implementation of the e-voucher system in Zambia: Implications for strategies to make the model efficient and effective

Consumer risk perception of vitamin A deficiency and acceptance of biofortified rice in the Morogoro region of Tanzania

French colonial trade patterns: facts and impacts

Health effects of women’s empowerment in agriculture in Northern Ghana: different patterns by body mass index categories

Does commercialisation drive technical efficiency improvements in Ethiopian subsistence agriculture?

Climate change effects on crop productivity and welfare sensitivity analysis for smallholder farmers in Malawi

Rice flows across regions in Madagascar

What is the value of rice fragrance? Consumer evidence from Senegal

Tracking agricultural spending when government structures and accounting systems change: The case of Malawi

Evaluation of Nigerian agricultural production data

Intensity of and factors affecting land and water management practices among smallholder maize farmers in Ghana

The demand for ecosystem services by different calf-production systems in South Africa

Sorghum research and poverty reduction in the presence of trade distortions in Ethiopia

Evaluation de l'adoption des variétés de riz NERICA dans l'Ouest du Burkina Faso

The potential economic impact of Guinea-race sorghum hybrids in Mali: A comparison of research and development paradigms

Impact of infestation by parasitic weeds on rice farmers’ productivity and technical efficiency in sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of increases in food prices on consumer welfare in Lesotho

The effect of rainfall variability on sustainable wheat production under no-till farming systems in the Swartland region, South Africa

Village savings and loan associations and household welfare: Evidence from Eastern and Western Zambia

A multi-output production efficiency analysis of commercial banana farms in the Volta region of Ghana: A stochastic distance function approach

Performance of smallholder minisett seed yam farm enterprises in Cameroon

Ranking perceived risk to farmers: How important is the environment?

Minimum tillage uptake and uptake intensity by smallholder farmers in Zambia

An assessment of the effect of a national fertiliser subsidy programme on farmer participation in private fertiliser markets in the North Rift region of Kenya

Long-term structural change and determinants of agricultural output in small-scale farming in Rwanda

Proximity and price co-movement in West African rice markets

Spatial dynamics and determinants of Liberian rice market integration

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