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Needs assessment for a formal emergency medicine residency program in southern Madagascar

Utilisation of emergency blood in a cohort of South African emergency centres with no direct access to a blood bank

Efficacy of nebulized fentanyl and low dose ketamine for pain control of patients with long bone fractures: A randomized, double-blind, clinical trial

The epidemiology of sepsis in a district hospital emergency centre in Durban, KwaZulu natal

Retrospective review of the patient cases at a major trauma center in Nairobi, Kenya and implications for emergency care development

Clinical presentation and diagnostic work up of suspected pulmonary embolism in a district hospital emergency centre serving a high HIV/TB burden population

Rapid, remote education for point-of-care ultrasound among non-physician emergency care providers in a resource limited setting

A prehospital randomised controlled trial in South Africa: Challenges and lessons learnt

A cross-sectional description of open access publication costs, policies and impact in emergency medicine and critical care journals

Disparity in conference registration cost for delegates from low- and middle-income backgrounds

The burden of acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, and stroke among emergency department admissions in Tanzania: A retrospective observational study

The cost of time: A randomised, controlled trial to assess the economic impact of upfront, point-of-care blood tests in the Emergency Centre

Prognostic performance of ECG abnormalities compared to vital signs in acutely ill patients in a resource-poor hospital in Uganda

Cochrane, evidence-based medicine and associated factors: A cross-sectional study of the experiences and knowledge of Ethiopian specialists in training

Access to acute care resources in various income settings to treat new-onset stroke: A survey of acute care providers

Triage live lecture versus triage video podcast in pre-hospital students’ education

The variables perceived to be important during patient handover by South African prehospital care providers

Pre-hospital intercostal chest drains in South Africa: A modified Delphi study

Waveform capnography in a South African prehospital service: Knowledge assessment of paramedics

Dissemination patterns of scientific abstracts presented at the first and second African Conference of Emergency Medicine

Traumatic ocular lens dislocation

Developing a South African Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Activation Screen (SAHAS): A Delphi study

Procedural sedation and analgesia practices in the emergency centre

Impact of emergency medicine training implementation on mortality outcomes in Kigali, Rwanda: An interrupted time-series study

The epidemiology and severity of scorpion envenoming in South Africa as managed by the Tygerberg Poisons Information Centre over a 10 year period

Implementation and evaluation of an innovative leadership and teacher training program for non-physician emergency medicine practitioners in Uganda

Modified Delphi study to determine optimal data elements for inclusion in a pilot violence and injury observatory in Cape Town, South Africa

Are “virtual” paediatric weight estimation studies valid?

Cola therapy for oesophageal food bolus impactions a case series

Fatal Boomslang bite in the Northern Cape

Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Trauma Special Issue

The burden of road traffic injury among trauma patients in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

The burden of trauma presenting to the government referral hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone: An observational study

The burden of trauma at a district hospital in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Imaging in trauma in limited-resource settings: A literature review

Mixed methods process evaluation of pilot implementation of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine trauma data project protocol in Ethiopia

Trauma intensive care in a terror-ravaged, resource-constrained setting: Are we prepared for the emerging challenge?

Poor access to acute care resources to treat major trauma in low- and middle-income settings: A self-reported survey of acute care providers

A descriptive analysis of casualties evacuated from the Africa area of operations

Patterns and outcomes of paediatric trauma at a tertiary teaching hospital in Kenya

Development of a nurse-led tranexamic acid administration protocol for trauma patients in rural South Africa

Intraoperative awareness and experience with a ketamine-based anaesthesia package to support emergency and essential surgery when no anaesthetist is available

The case for investing in public health surveillance in low- and middle-income countries

Emergency health education in a conflict stricken environment: A situational analysis

Chronic kidney disease in the emergency centre: A prospective observational study

A descriptive analysis of endotracheal intubation in a South African Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Validity of the South African Triage Scale in a rural district hospital

The burden on emergency centres to provide care for critically ill patients in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation in critically ill adults in Ghana: A prospective observational study

Global emergency care clinical practice guidelines: A landscape analysis

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