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African Journal of Biomedical Research

Dental formula and dental abnormalities observed in the Eidolon helvum (Fruit Bat) captured from the wild

Authors: O Igado, O Femi-Akinlosotu, T Omobowale, R Ajadi, H Nottidge

Journal: African Journal of Biomedical Research

Bats are known to be the only flying mammals. Eidolon helvum is a species of fruit bats that is reported to have great economic and health importance, while also having an unsavoury reputation in many cultures in Nigeria. This study investigated the dental formula and dental pathologies of Eidolon helvum captured from the wild. The dental profile of 35 adult bats (20 males, 15 females) was assessed. The animals were observed to have a heterodont dentition. The males were observed to have a total of 30 to 36 teeth, while the females had 30 to 34 teeth. A missing lower incisor was observed in some of the females while the males showed a varying number of upper premolar. Severe attrition and edentulousness were observed in some bats examined. Results obtained from this work may shed more light on the different dental pathologies observed in the adult Eidolon helvum in Nigeria. Keywords:  Eidolon helvum , dental formula, dental abnormalities, attrition