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African Journal of Biomedical Research

Drugs Abused by Secondary School Students in Garissa County: Types and Sources

Authors: Joseph Kisaka

Journal: African Journal of Biomedical Research

Despite efforts put in place to mitigate drug abuse menace in schools by the government, parents, teachers, and religious leaders, the problem still persists (Kisaka, 2018). Schools in Garissa County are ready market for drugs and chief target by drug peddlers. This problem continues to bother stakeholders and has caused heated debate on how students access such drugs and what can be done to curb it. Thus, this paper endeavoured to investigate the types and sources of drugs abused by students in secondary schools in Garissa County with an aim of suggesting possible ways of minimizing drug abuse menace. The target population was 4,734 and comprised of all teachers, students and head teachers. From this target population, a sample of 897 consisting of 13 head teachers, 104 teachers, and 780 students was selected. The data was gathered by use of questionnaires, interviews and focused group discussions. Descriptive statistics and thematic analyses were adopted in reporting results of the research that led to this paper.  It was found that khat (80.2%), cigarettes (76.2%), and marijuana (53.9%), are the most abused drugs among the students. It was revealed that these drugs were supplied by drug peddlers, peers, touts, school workers, and shopkeepers at the local markets. Therefore, urgent measures should be put in place in order to combat drug abuse practice; or else student’s future is likely to be blurred. According to the author, stepping up the school awareness campaigns against the vice of drug abuse is key in mitigating the menace.