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African Journal of Biomedical Research

The Effects of Drug and Substance Abuse in Secondary Schools: The Case of Garissa County, Kenya

Authors: Joseph Kisaka

Journal: African Journal of Biomedical Research

This paper investigated the causes and effects of drug and substance abuse among students in secondary schools in Garissa County, Kenya. Many school children are being wasted due to drug and substance abuse despite efforts by various stakeholders such as the government, parents, teachers, and religious leaders to combat drug abuse menace. The study sample was 13 head teachers, 104 teachers, and 780 students. Questionnaires, interviews and focused group discussions were used to collect data. Quantitative and qualitative data was analyzed through simple statistics and thematic analysis respectively. The study established that students abuse drugs because of easy availability, peer pressure and in a bid to relieve stress. Further, students who abuse drugs perform poorly academically, frequently miss classes, are indiscipline, steal or destroy school property, influence others into the vice, and even drop out of school. Seemingly, students are likely to be wasted if measures are not put in place. Some of the recommendations include stepping up the school awareness campaigns against the vice of drug abuse, strictness of the school administration and sensitization programmes for communities surrounding schools