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Editorial: Abdominal pain in childhood

Oesophageal and gastric toxoplasmosis: rare presentation of an emerging zoonotic disease

Nurses’ perception on healthcare services quality in mission hospitals in Kiambu County, Kenya

Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis impact on Cd4+ cells & infection reduction in HAART naïve HIV infected adults in our urban population, Kenya

Influence of menopause on work productivity among health workers in public hospitals in Kiambu County, Kenya

Determinants of the outcome on traumatic brain injury patients at Kenyatta National Hospital

Factors associated with superficial mycoses in patients visiting Alupe Clinic and its environs in Busia western Kenya

Anemia & its associated factors among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at Mbagathi County Hospital, Nairobi County, Kenya

Factors associated with road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists in Mwea Town, Kirinyaga County, Kenya

Community perceptions affecting uptake & retention on antiretroviral therapy by PLHIV: a qualitative study among residents of an urban informal settlement in Kenya

Effectiveness of albendazole on soil transmitted nematodes among school children-: a case of Kakamega County, Kenya

Clinical aplications of Trioxolane derivatives

Multi drug resistant tuberculosis: a challenge in the management of tuberculosis

Use of health related quality of life tools in upper gastrointestinal surgery

Evaluation of patients\' adherence to chemotherapy for breast cancer

Pathogenicity of bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid forms of Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense in Swiss White Mice

Prevalence of major HIV- risk related behaviour among SSS3 students in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

Prevalence of Obesity in Women of Accra, Ghana

Visual damage following direct sighting of solar eclipse in Ghana

A study of the pharmaceutical quality of chloroquine and paracetamol products sold in a major Nigerian “market”

Inequalities in selected health-related Millennium Development Goals indicators in all WHO Member States

A comparative study of Multiple versus Single infection doses of Schistosoma haematobium in Golden hamsters ( Mesocricetus auratus )

Histopathological study and audit of the spleen in Nigerians

Impact of HIV/AIDS mortality on South Africa's life expectancy and implications for the elderly population

Baseline CD4 lymphocyte count among HIV patients in Kano, Northern Nigeria

An observational study on oesophageal variceal endoscopic injection sclerotherapy in patients with portal hypertension seen at the Centre for Clinical Research, Kenya Medical Research Institute

Sexual initiation and contraceptive use among female adolescents in Kenya

Cutaneous features seen in primary liver cell (Hepatocellular) carcinoma patients at a University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria

Histological and electron microscopic study of the postulated protective role of green tea against DEHP liver toxicity in mice

Physicians and AIDS care: does knowledge influence their attitude and comfort in rendering care?

Traditional open surgery for advanced benign nasal tumours in an era of endoscopy: review of 38 cases.

Effectiveness of hearing conservation program at a large surface gold mining company in Ghana.

Comparison of the perception of ideal body images of Ghanaian men and women

Socio-cultural factors influencing the prevalence, care and support inHIV/AIDS among the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria

Malaria treatment in Northern Ghana: What is the treatment cost per case to households?

Studies on the interaction of Schistosoma mansoni and Leishmania major in experimentally infected Balb/c mice

Intrahepatic expression of interferon alpha & interferon alpha receptor m-RNA can be used as predictors to interferon response in HCV and HCC patients

CASE REPORT - Reactivated toxoplasmosis presenting with non-tender hepatomegaly in a patient with HIV infection

Challenges facing National Health Research Systems in the WHO African Region

Strengthening international health co-operation in Africa through theregional economic communities

Malaria diagnosis in the community: Challenges and potential role of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) in the African Region.

HIV/AIDS in Cameroon: Rising gender issues in policy-making matters

Ultrastructural study of the effect of air pollution by SO2 on the respiratory air-ways

Risk factors for road traffic accidents among drivers of public institutions in Ibadan, Nigeria

In vitro anti-viral activity of aqueous extracts of Kenyan Carissa edulis Prunus africana and Melia azedarach against human cytomegalovirus.

Cervical cancer management in Zaria, Nigeria

The cost of health-related brain drain to the WHO African Region

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected subjects in aresource - limited setting in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

Spontaneous closure of traumatic CSF otorrhoea following conservative management

Rapid screening of β-Globin gene mutations by Real-Time PCR in Egyptian thalassemic children

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