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Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana

Agricultural and Food Science Journal of Ghana

Municipal household solid wasteorganic compost: Effects on soil plant nutrients

Innovation platform: A tool for sustainable rice production in Ghana

Assessment of Effectiveness of Agricultural Extension Systems Employed by Farmer Based Organisations in the Central Region of Ghana

Effect of Hot Water on the Germination Rate of Cassia siamea L . Seeds

Preliminary Investigation on the Phytochemical Constituents of Honey Samples from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

The Performance of Five Selected Pepper Accessions in Comparison to Two Local Varieties

Maize and Cassava Based Systems: Implications of Continuous Cropping on Chemical Properties of a Ferric Acrisol/dystic Fluvisol

Quality Characteristics of Native Starch from Selected Improved Varieties of Sweetpotato ( Ipomoea batatas )

Agricultural land use at East Akim municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Adoption Potential of Improved Sweetpotato Varieties in Ghana

Cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum (W. Curtis: Fr.) P. Karst on sawdust of Brachystagia nigerica Hoyle & A.P.D.Jones.

Production and marketing challenges of vegetable farming: a case study of Kumasi metropolis of Ashanti region, Ghana

Assessment of genetic variation among some introduced tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum L.) varieties using SSR markers

Effect of sowing depths on Cylas spp infestation on some sweetpotato varieties

Estimate of heterosis in early generations of tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Performance of five bambara groundnut ( Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) landraces in the trasition agroecology of Ghana under different sowing dates

Impact of yam mosaic virus (YMV) on tuber yield of white yam ( Dioscera rotundata Poir ) in Ghana

Physical, functional and cooking characteristics of six newly released cowpea ( Vignaunguiculata [L]Walp) varieties in Ghana

Growth and Phosphorus Uptake Responses of Bambara Groundnut ( Vigna subterranea (L.) Verde) to Inoculation with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in two Acid Soils

Analysis of Students' Dissertation: A Case for Promotion of Lesser-used Vegetables in Ghana

Preliminary Studies on Inherited Sterility for Field Management of Diamondback Moth ( Plutella xylostella ) (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) on Crucifers in Ghana

Municipal Household Solid Waste Compost: Effects on Carrot ( Daucus carrota ) Yield and Nutrient Content

Tillage and Fertilizer Effects on Maize Production in Northern Guinea Savanna of Ghana

Cocoa Farmers' Perception of the Effect of World Trade Organization's Standards on Production in Ondo State, Nigeria

Legumes in Sustainable Maize and Cassava Cropping Systems in Ghana

Decomposition and Fertilizing Effects of Maize Stover and Chromolaena odorata on Maize Yield

Characteristics of Major Lowland Rice-growing Soils in the Guinea Savanna Voltaian Basin of Ghana

Consumer Preferences for Rice Quality Characteristics in Accra and the Effects of these Preferences on Price

Packaging Research Outputs into Extension and Training Materials: Experiences and Lessons Learned in Development of Grains in Ghana

Influence of Personal Characteristics on Job Performance Among Extension Agents and Agricultural Researchers in South Western Nigeria

Effect of Cropping System and Mineral Fertilizer on Root Yield of Cassava

Cowpea as a Potential Green Manure Crop in the Rain Forest Zone of Ghana

Biochemical Changes of Soyiru (Fermented Soybean) During Storage

Decomposition and Nutrient Release Patterns of Pueraria phaseoloides and Flemingia macrophylla Under Two Rainfall Regimes

Maize and Pea Yield and Yield Components of Morphologically Contrasting Maize and Pea Cultivars in Sole and Intercrops in Temperate Conditions

Determining optimum fertilizer rates for cotton in northern Ghana

Carcass characteristics of the male and female broiler chicken

Cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata ) as a filler in coarse smoked pork sausage

Inheritance of aroma in two rice cultivars

Sources of resistance to downy mildew, smut and ergot of pearl millet and their stability in Ghana

Response of maize to poultry manure and mineral fertilizer

Combining ability and progeny performance of nine popcorn inbred lines ( Zea mays L) in south western Nigeria

Distribution patterns of egg pods of armoured bush cricket, Acanthoplus discoidalis (Walker) in the Ntsweletau Agricultural District in Gaborone region, Botswana

Accounting for training results: an evaluation of the training activities of the root and tuber improvement programme

Effect of management of mucuna ( Mucuna pruriens var. utilis ) live-mulch on some properties of a haplic acrisol

Yam production in the derived coastal savanna zone of Ghana-past, present and future prospects

Response of pepper ( Capsicum frutescens ) to Canavalia ensiformis green manure in the rain forest zone of Ghana

Effects of moisture content on selected physical properties of two varieties of cowpea

Farmer characteristics, ecological zones and adoption decisions: a tobit model application for maize technology in Ghana

Performance of cassava intercropped with maize, soybean and cowpea in the forest zone of Ghana La performance du manioc intercultive avec le maïs, le soja et le niebe dans la zone forestiere du Ghana

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