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African Historical Review

Tradition and Modernity: The Water Sector in Morocco during the French Protectorate (1912–1956)

Battle and Capture in North Africa: The Experience of Two Italian Servicemen

Desperate Mourning and Atrophied Representation: A Tale of Two Skulls

Colonised, Decolonised, Centralised, Decentralised: The Development of Central Banking in Mozambique, 1975– 2010

The Bantustan State and the South African Transition: Militarisation, Patrimonialism and the Collapse of the Ciskei Regime, 1986–1994

The Qwaqwa Public Service, 1975–1994

State “Infrastructural Power” and the Bantustans: The Case of School Education in the Transkei and Ciskei

Late-Apartheid Education Reforms and Bantustan Entanglements

Development and the Making of an “Entrepreneurial Class” in Lebowa

Free and Fair? Rhodesians Reflect on the Elections of 1979 and 1980

The Idea of a Good and Bad Gemeinschaft in William Bloke Modisane’s Autobiography, Blame Me on History

Narratives in Anecdotes, Memory and Interlocutors: An Early Engagement with Neville Alexander’s Story

Europe’s First Settler Colonial Incursion into Africa: The Genocide of Aboriginal Canary Islanders

The Mothers of South African Anthropology

“Comrade Mzala”: Memory Construction and Legacy Preservation

Thabo Mbeki: Understanding a Philosopher of Liberation

Legacy Underplayed or Ignored? Tsietsi Mashinini: The Forgotten Warrior of South Africa's Liberation Struggle

Coloured Cabinets: A Reflection on Material Culture as a Marker of Coloured Identity in Cloetesville, South Africa

Sun hats, sundowners, and tropical hygiene: Managing settler bodies and minds in British East and South-Central Africa, 1890–1939

A history of conservation of built heritage sites of the Swahili Coast in Tanzania

Reverend James Macdonald Auld and the disintegration of traditional leadership in Xhosaland

From Peru to Ichaboe: The dynamics of a shifting guano frontier, 1840–5

Internationalisation at Stellenbosch University during the international academic boycott of the apartheid era (1948–1994)

J.S. Marais, a great South African historian: a personal re-assessment

Leo Fouché and history at Wits University, 1934–1942

South African University history: a historiographical overview

The origins of university education in KwaZulu-Natal: The Natal University College 1909–19491

‘Oxford in the bush’: the founding (and diminishing) ethos of Rhodes University

The University of South Africa (Unisa) 1918–1948: the first transition, from colonial to segregationist institution

The migratory dimension of Scottish Presbyterianism in Southern Africa

Mothering the ‘nation’: The public life of isie ‘Ouma’ Smuts, 1899-1945

The impossible concept: Settler liberalism, Pan-Africanism, and the language of non-racialism

Establishing insurance markets in settler economies. a comparison of Australian and South Africa insurance markets, 1820-1910

Re-thinking agricultural development in South Africa: Black commercial farmers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

‘A Bad Lot’: Local Politics and the Survey of Oxkraal and Kamastone, 1853-1923

‘No Prime Minister Could Want a Better Leader of the Opposition’: Sir De Villiers Graaff, the United Party and the Apartheid State, 1956–1977

A case of ‘strategic ethnicity’? The Natal Indian Congress in the 1970s

Nigerian Oil Palm Industry, 1920–1950: A Study in Imperialism

The 2012 acid mine drainage (AMD) crisis in Carolina's municipal water supply

The Stag of the Eastern Cape: Power, Status and Kudu Hunting in the Albany and Fort Beaufort Districts, 1890 to 1905

‘The Rebellion From Below’ and the Origins of Early Zionist Christianity

The Independence of Rhodesia in Salazar's Strategy for Southern Africa

Pathways out of Poverty: Women – the ‘forgotten gender’ – and the Artisanal Fisheries Sector of Sierra Leone

Lords of All They Surveyed? The Royal Engineers, Surveying, Mapping and Development in South Africa's Eastern Cape

Amy Biehl and the ANC: A Scholar-Activist in South Africa, 1992—93

Debating Some Past and Present Research Frameworks and Methodologies in History on Places and their Peoples in South Africa

The Poliomyelitis Epidemic in Johannesburg in 1918: Medical and Public Responses

’African Churches Willing to Pay Their Own Bills’: The Role of Money in the Formation of Ethiopian-type Churches with Particular Reference to the Mzimba Secession

Between the Book and the Lamp – Interiors of Bureaucracy and the Materiality of Colonial Power

Moritz Bonn, Southern Africa and the Critique of Colonialism

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