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African Invertebrates

A remarkable new genus of Keroplatidae (Insecta, Diptera) from the Afrotropical region, with DNA sequence data

Authors: Olavi Kurina, Michal Mantič, Jan Ševčík

Journal: African Invertebrates

A new genus and species of Keroplatidae—Kibaleana apicospinosa gen. & sp. n.—is described from Kibale National Park in Uganda. The new genus is preliminarily placed to the tribe Orfeliini and it is characterized by a unique combination of diagnostic characters: wing vein R4 missing, vein A1 shortened, palpi short but five-segmented, fore tibia with apical comb of setae, absence of apical comb of setae on mid and hind tibiae, and male terminalia with relatively long and narrow gonostyli, each bearing a subapical tooth. The sequences of four fragments of mitochondrial DNA (COI, CytB, 12S, 16S) are provided along with a brief discussion about taxonomic position of the new genus.