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African Invertebrates

A review of Southern African Choerades Walker, 1851 with the description of a new species (Diptera, Asilidae, Laphriinae)

Authors: Jason G. H. Londt, Torsten Dikow

Journal: African Invertebrates

Southern African Choerades Walker, 1851 are reviewed. Six species are recognised (C. analogos sp. n. described from South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal, C. bella (Loew, 1858), C. flavipes (Wiedemann, 1821), C. multipunctata (Oldroyd, 1974), C. nigrapex (Bigot, 1878), C. nigrescens (Ricardo, 1925)) and a key for their separation is provided. Distributional information demonstrates that species are found primarily in moderate to higher rainfall regions. The little that is known of their biology is discussed. Species are usually associated with indigenous forest habitats where larval development takes place in decomposing wood