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African Invertebrates

A review of the genus Trichoura Londt, 1994 with the description of a new species from the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and a key to world Willistonininae (Diptera, Asilidae)

Authors: Jason G.H. Londt, Torsten Dikow

Journal: African Invertebrates

The South African assassin-fly genus Trichoura Londt, 1994 is reviewed. A new species, Trichoura pardeos sp. n., is described from the arid Karoo in north-western South Africa. A new key to all seven recognized species is provided and the distribution and phenology are discussed. The world fauna of Willistonininae is reviewed, a new taxon Sisyrnodytini tribe n. (type genus Sisyrnodytes Loew, 1856) is established for Ablautus Loew, 1866, Acnephalomyia Londt, 2010, Ammodaimon Londt, 1985, Astiptomyia Londt, 2010, Sisyrnodytes, and Sporadothrix Hermann, 1908 and photographs for all Willistonininae genera are provided.