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African Invertebrates

Descriptions of the two-eyed African spider genera Chedimanops gen. n. and Hybosidella gen. n. (Araneae, Palpimanidae, Chediminae)

Authors: Sergei L. Zonstein, Yuri M. Marusik

Journal: African Invertebrates

Two new genera of chedimine palpimanids are described. Chedimanops gen. n. includes the type species, C. eskovi sp. n. (♂♀), and C. rwenzorensis sp. n. (♂♀), both from the far eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Rwenzori Mts.). The monotypic Hybosidella gen. n. is based on H. etinde sp. n. (♂) from Cameroon. The new genera differ from all other Palpimanidae by possessing only the anterior median eyes (all other eyes are lost). These new genera can be distinguished from one another by the shape of the thoracic fovea (a narrow bracket-shaped pit vs. a longitudinal groove, respectively), as well as by the structure of the abdominal scuta and the male copulatory organ, peculiarities of coloration, amongst other characters. The taxonomic position and relationships of the newly described taxa are briefly discussed. The distinctive characters and a key to both species of Chedimanops gen. n. are also provided