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African Journal of Agricultural Research

Nutritional status of three sugarcane varieties grown in the northeast region of Brazil

Authors: Daniele Costa de Oliveira, Mauro Wagner de Oliveira, Vinicius Santos Gomes da Silva, Terezinha Bezerra Albino Oliveira, Hugo Henrique Costa do Nascimento, Siglea Sanna de Freitas Chaves

Journal: African Journal of Agricultural Research

The diagnosis of plant nutritional status was a tool to improve crop fertilization and thus ensure better productivity. This study aimed to evaluate the nutritional status of three sugarcane varieties (RB92579, RB98710 and RB961552) in the plant-cane and first regrowth cycles in the sub-humid region of the state of Alagoas, located in the Northeast of Brazil. The experiment consisted of a randomized complete block design with five replicates. Plant nutritional status was determined by chemical analysis of leaf +3 at the maximum growth phase of the crop. There was a varietal effect for macronutrient and micronutrient contents in both crop cycles, but no variety stood out in regards to leaf contents. However, all three varieties were deficient in Cu and Mn. Key words: Macronutrients, micronutrients, RB92579, RB961552, RB98710, Saccharum species.