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African Journal of Agricultural Research

Market preferences for cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp) dry grain in Ghana

Authors: Ira A. Herniter, Zhenyu Jia, Francis Kusi

Journal: African Journal of Agricultural Research

Cowpea is an important crop in Ghana, serving as a major source of calories and high-quality protein for many people. An understanding of market preferences is necessary when targeting research and breeding efforts. This study makes use of data from 562 samples of cowpea dry grain collected from 91 markets across Ghana, analyzed using the hedonic model framework, to determine implicit prices of characteristics, including seed coat color, pattern, texture, the location of purchase, the gender of the vendor, seed size, and seed quality. The results indicate that market location and seed size are the most important characteristics regarding pricing. Improvements in infrastructure to facilitate transport of goods and dissemination of varieties with increased seed size could improve incomes for the smallholder farmers in Ghana who produce cowpea. Key words: Characteristic value, consumer demand, hedonic pricing, seed coat, Vigna unguiculata.