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OsHKT1;3 gene sequence polymorphisms and expression profile in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Genetic diversity of rhizobia and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria of soil under the influence of Piliostigma reticulatum (DC.) Hochst and their impact on shrub growth

Sweetpotato seed exchange systems and knowledge on sweetpotato viral diseases among local farmers in Acholi Sub Region-Northern Uganda

Water excess in different phenological stages of canola cultivars

Effects of biochar on carbon pool, N mineralization, microbial biomass and microbial respiration from mollisol

Economics and variety adoption of tuberose: A farm level survey in Bangladesh

Effects of cutting length, time and growing media on the sprouting of dormant semi-hardwood cuttings of pomegranate cv. Wonderful

Preliminary survey of foliar maize diseases in North Western Ethiopia

Organic matter and maize straw influence on soil moisture in an Oxisol under different tillages

Influence of cytoplasmic genetic male sterility in the grain yield of maize hybrids

Groundwater quality monitoring for agriculture irrigated in Catol Do Rocha, Paraba State, Brazil

Performance and farmers selection criteria Evaluation of Improved Bread Wheat Varieties

Competitiveness of Brazilian soybean exports

Factors affecting adoption of sustainable soil management practices among vegetable producers in Dhading, Nepal

Seed-priming of sorghum with antifungal extracts from Balanites aegyptiaca and Eclipta alba in different agro-ecological zones of Burkina Faso

Estimating of rainfall soil losses in Oltu Anzav Watershed

Farmers perceptions, practices and proposals for improving agricultural productivity in South Sudan

Determinants of rice farmers access to credit in Benin: A case study of the municipality of Glazoue

Productivity of pigeon pea and maize rotation system in Balaka District, Southern Malawi

Productivity and profitability on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L) and maize (Zea mays L) in a semi-arid area of southern Malawi

The influence of essential amino acid in the chicks diet interferes in the weight gain

Caffeic acid as a preservative that extends shelf-life and maintains fruit quality of mulberries during cold storage

Impacts of food production, consumption fluctuations and marketing on food prices volatility in the Sudan: Evidences from Gadarif State

Economics of aflatoxin control in maize production among smallholder farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Sensitivity stability and fitness of Botrytis cinerea isolates to captan

Technical and water use efficiency estimation of adopters and non-adopters of pressurized irrigation systems among hazelnut farmers

Intra- and inter-specific interference between slender amaranth and red pepper

Statistical analysis of impact of climate change on crop potentials productivity on a regional scale in Nigeria

Use of artificial neural networks to assess yield projection and average production of eucalyptus stands

Does zinc uptake relate well with differential zinc efficiency of barley genotypes?

Effect of Anacardium occidentale, Ricinus communis and Spirulina sp. on the diets of broiler chickens

Length of the growing season for dry rainfed farming under Monsoon climate in Gedarif, Sudan

Agronomic efficiency, yield and yield components of food barley response to nitrogen rates after fababean in Emba Alaje, Northern Ethiopia

Water and soil conservation techniques and food security in the northern region of Burkina Faso

Strategic planning of regional oil-and-fat subcomplex of Russia

Evaluation of diazotrophic bacteria from rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) grown in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Agricultural productivity, land use and draught animal power formula derived from mixed crop-livestock systems in Southwestern Ethiopia

Launching a Startup Business in the Agribusiness Market: The Process of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Effect of soil compaction on aerial and root growth of Erythrina velutina Willd.

Application of cow manure and inorganic fertilizer in one season and carryover of effects in sesame on tropical ferruginous soils

Impact of companion cropping on incidence and severity of maize ear rots and mycotoxins in Western Kenya

Control of broadleave and grass weeds in Saccharum officinarum with the use of pre-emergence herbicides

Distribution of rainwater by species of caatinga vegetation

Comparison of Grafting Techniques and their Effects on some Growth Parameters of Ten Elite Cocoa Clones (Theobroma cacao L.)

Gas exchange and chlorophyll content in tomato grown under different organic fertilizers and biofertilizer doses

Mechanical harvest methods efficiency and its impacts on quality of narrow row cotton

Nutritive value and degradability in situ of dry matter elephant grass silages with addition of babassu meal

A review of the evaluation of irrigation practice in Nigeria: Past, present and future prospects

Corynespora leaf fall of Hevea brasilensis: Challenges and prospect

Occurrence of plant bacterial diseases in Jordan

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