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African Journal of Business and Economic Research

African Journal of Business and Economic Research

Exchange rate volatility, the contagion and spillover effect from South African to other SADC currency markets: 2007-2015

The dynamics of fiscal deficits in Kenya : a review of reforms, trends, and determinants

Possible mediating roles of conflict of interests and compromised principals’ interests between the ideology of agents and the outcomes to their principals : an empirical study

Financial information and stock price changes : a case of systematically important banks (SIBS) in Nigeria

Re-thinking the role(s) of the labour union in addressing workforce casualisation in the manufacturing industry of Lagos, Nigeria

The influence of employer branding and employees’ personal branding on corporate branding and corporate reputation

Barriers to start-up and sustainable growth of SMMEs : a comparative study between South Africa and Lesotho

The contribution of key economic sectors on poverty alleviation in the Capricorn District Municipality : a panel ardl model

Unspoken common knowledge in surviving cashless entrepreneurship in Mvuma Town, Zimbabwe

Derivatives usage and firm value : evidence from South African listed firms

Critical success factors for achieving patient order fulfilment in Kenyan public hospital pharmacies

Empirical analyses of the relationship between real exchange rate and real interest rate differentials in inflation targeting countries: research

Monetary policy or fiscal policy, which one better explains inflation dynamics in South Africa?: research

A panel analysis of health expenditure and economic growth in ECOWAS countries: research

The influence of entrepreneurial training, access to finance, entrepreneurial capacity, entrepreneurial atmosphere on youth entrepreneurship: research

Measuring the long-term health of selected brands in South Africa using the Brand Health Index: research

The introduction of higher banknotes and inflation in Malawi : a test of bi-causality: research

Firm investment behaviour and stock market liquidity : evidence from African listed firms: research

An application of internal marketing for sustainable competitive advantage in Johannesburg construction firms: research

The attenuating effects of organisational justice on job insecurity and counterproductive work behaviours relationship

Managing Human Resources in Ghana : A guide For Foreign Executives: book review

Informal employment and monthly wage earnings : evidence from food processing firms

Assessing the economic implications of business social responsibility and sustainability in South Africa’s tourism industry

Business orientation and performance of small and medium-sized enterprises : evidence from Ghana

Challenges of management performance in managing a professional team : a case of X Football Club

The adoption of mobile banking among college students in Zimbabwe

Risk aversion and the adoption of Fintech by South African banks

The nexus between share prices and financial risk in South Africa : a comparative analysis of high and low risk firms

African contemporary policy advances in sustainable consumer protection

Why so much pessimism about economic integration in Africa? The case of the Southern African Development Community

Evaluation of integrated reporting adoption in the financial sector of Kenya

Financial crisis and the South African agricultural sector : a computable general equilibrium (CGE) analysis

Institutional investors, corporate governance and firm performance : evidence from emerging economy

Determinants of entrepreneurial intention among Generation Y students within the Johannesburg Metropolitan area of South Africa

Developing a financial stress index for the Nigerian financial system

Shadow banking, cross-border shocks, and financial stability in emerging economies : a global VAR analysis

Identifying and exploiting economic opportunities : the case of unemployed women in Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town

Quantifying the interest tax shield for different investors in South Africa

The causal link between FDI, FPI and carbon emissions : evidence from South Africa

Relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions in South Africa’s mobile telecommunication industry

Exchange rate regimes and industrialization in Nigeria

An investigation of young consumers’ perceptions towards the adoption of electric cars

Technical and chemical input use efficiencies of small-scale sugarcane growers : a case of northern KwaZulu-Natal

Analysing commuters’ perceptions of service quality on a PUTCO bus route in the City of Tshwane

Examining the service quality of administrative practices in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges in South Africa

Assessing the impact of fiscal policy on economic growth in South Africa

Symbolic money attitudes and compulsive buying : are they all bad for happiness?

The welfare effects of economic integration in the tripartite free trade area

Market capitalization, bank lending and manufacturing firms’ output : an empirical evidence from Nigeria

Relationship between occupational stress, organisational citizenship behaviour, psychological capital and emotional intelligence among Nigerian employees

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