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African Journal of Business Management

The importance of Silk Road, and Merv in the great Seljuk state's commercial life


Ahmet DINC1*, Ramazan CAKIR2, Yusuf TANRIKULIYEW3 and Nurettin ÖZTÜRK4

Journal: African Journal of Business Management

This paper studied the Great Seljuk State's commercial life which has a significant place in Turkish economic history. We studied the trio of trade, Merv and the Silk Road and chose three main headings; in the first, we analyzed the commercial policies of the Great Seljuk State. In the second, we stressed the importance of the Silk Road under the heading of trade and the Silk Road. In the third, we emphasized the importance and contributions of Merv as a commercial city to trade life. Nearly a thousand years ago, the Great Seljuk State knew the significance of importing and exporting for the welfare of its people, and therefore, provided merchants with various opportunities, so that this transit road could pass through Merv. Today, do those who want to be a developed country take a lesson from these practices? In this study, the related literature, books and articles mostly written Cyrillic alphabetwere researched thoroughly. According to Turkmen sources this extensive research indicated that the Seljuks attached a great importance to the Silk Road and it is possible to conclude that in addition to protecting the Silk Road, they considered the issue of facilitating transit caravans and providing them with what they needed.


Key words: Trade, Silk Road, Merv, great Seljuk.