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Editorial: Misconceptions in chemistry

Acid-base and redox reactions on submicro level: Misconceptions and challenge

Students’ misconceptions of acid-base titration assessments using a two - tier multiple-choice diagnostic test

Conceptual change instructional approach through the use of conceptual change texts and pre-service chemistry teachers’ motivation

Proving the paramagnetism of oxygen by molecular modelling

A toolkit for mastering organic nomenclature in general chemistry

Comparative effect of two problem-solving instructional startegies on students' achievement in stoichiometry

Utilization of learning activity package in the classroom: impact on senior secondary school students' achievement in organic chemistry

Re-structuring secondary school chemistry education for sustainable development in Nigerian developing economy

Readability of some topics in select current ordinary level chemistry textbooks and Nigerian students' perception about difficulty of the topics

Kitchen chemistry: practical chemistry with simple equipment and readily available materials

Innovative mnemonics in chemical education: review article

Early chemistry misconceptions: status and implications for science education in Ethiopia

Einstein was here: Introducing relativistic chemistry in a basic chemistry course

Nanoscale science and nanotechnology education in Africa: importance and challenges

Laboratory jargon of lecturers and misconceptions of students

Senior secondary students’ perception of the nature of the atom in Obio Akpor local government area of Rivers state, Nigeria

The systemic approach to teaching and learning chemistry [SATLC]: a 20-years review

The systemic approach to teaching and learning chemistry and the big ideas of science education

SATL based lesson for teaching metabolism in biochemistry

Examining systems thinking through the application of systemic approach in the secondary school chemistry teaching

Attractive educational strategies in teaching and learning chemistry

Implementation of the systemic approach in teaching and learning biochemistry in Albania

The thumb rule reveals: facilitating the transition from electron geometry to molecular geometry and vice versa

Editorial: AJCE is about to publish a special issue on the eve of ACRICE 3

Knowledge, attitudes and practices associated with pesticide use among horticultural farmers of Banjulinding and Lamin of the Gambia

Instructional quality of lower grades natural science classes: the case of primary schools linked to Kemise College of Teacher Education

Chemistry at elementary schools: particles or also atoms – that's the question

Assessment of the availability and usability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources in classroom delivery by secondary school chemistry teachers

Spectrophotometry mole ratio and continuous variation experiments with dithizone

Comparative assessment of the levels of some heavy metals in virgin and used water plastic bottles and sachets in Nigeria

ACRICE-3 is coming

Hybrid orbitals notation: Some misconceptions in an undergraduate basic chemistry course

Hybridization and molecular geometry: A number game

Practices and challenges of implementing locally available equipment for teaching chemistry in primary schools of north Shewa zone in Amhara region

Contextualization and interdisciplinarity in chemistry teaching in Brazil: After two decades, everybody knows but nobody understands

Untangling chemical kinetics through tangible and visual representation of matter

Evaluating the impact and potential of the chemical sciences in catalysing the economic development through potential chemical entrepreneurship in Lesotho

Class attendance and academic performance of second year university students in an organic chemistry course

The need for a “bologna declaration” pronouncement for Africa’s chemistry programs at tertiary levels

Comparative assessment of university chemistry undergraduate curricula in south-western Nigeria

Incidence of biogenic amines in foods implications for the Gambia

Editorial: Chemical Concepts

Development of a simple amino-modified silica-based colorimetric sensor for the detection of copper (II) ions in aqueous samples

Common difficulties experienced by grade 12 students in learning chemistry in Ebinat Preparatory School

What are the molecules doing?

The symbolic language of substances and molecules: noise or harmony?

Uses of systemic approach and chemist's triangle in teaching and learning chemistry: Systemic Chemistry Triangle [SCT] as a teaching & learning strategy

Enhancing first year chemistry student’s participation in practical chemistry course

Nigerian students’ self-confidence in responding to statements of chemical equilibrium concepts and principles

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