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African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

Harmful use of alcohol among Nigerian undergraduates: the influence of alcohol-risk perception, religiosity and gender

The role of alcohol abstinence self-efficacy in alcohol use: a cross-sectional survey of Ghanaian undergraduate students

Pattern of substance abuse at the drug de-addiction unit of a Nigerian psychiatric hospital

Acneiform lesions in a female performance and image-enhancing drug user: the first African case report

Familial drinking habit, emotional stability and alcohol use in a sample of male and female adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria

Prioritizing public health responses in Nigerian drug control policy

Prevalence of substance use and correlates of multiple substance use among school-going adolescents in Botswana

Drug interaction s in the constituents of street drug mixture“Nyaope”in South Africa: a mini-review

Drug use disorders among long distance commercial vehicle drivers

Patterns of substance use and its predictors among North-West University students Mafikeng campus

The social context of injection drug use and harm reduction programmes in sub-Saharan Africa

Anywhere, everywhere: alcohol industry promotion strategies in Nigeria and their influence on young people

Assessing personality risks using the Surps for alcohol and other drug problems in Cape Town, South Africa

A study of drug use pattern among inmates of Jos prison, Nigeria

Temperament and the risk of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use among university students in Botswana

Self-esteem and alcohol dependence as predictors of contemplation to use drugs among university students in Botswana

Of Dutch courage and mobile chimneys: Pattern and predictors of alcohol and tobacco use among university students in Nigeria

Prior substance use, depression and gender as determinants of self-harm urges in prison inmates: A study of Uyo Prison

Stressful life events and alcohol use among university students in Botswana

A qualitative study of alcohol risk perceptions among drinkers in Benue State, Nigeria

Implementing needle and syringe programmes in Kenya: Changes, opportunities and challenges in HIV prevention

Alcohol use, intimate partner violence and family well being: A qualitative study in Oron, Nigeria

Features and challenges of alcohol abuse treatment in Uganda

Factors affecting the management of substance use disorders: Evidence from selected service users in Bayelsa State

Substance use literacy: Implications for HIV medication adherence and addiction severity among substance users

Can a motivational-interviewing-based outpatient substance abuse treatment achieve success? A theory-based evaluation

Alcohol use related injury in Northwest Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

Reliability and factor structure of the audit among male and female bar patrons in a rural area of South Africa

Substance abuse and adherence to antiretroviral therapy among patients attending clinic at a specialist hospital in Jos, Nigeria

Identifying the composition of street drug Nyaope using two different mass spectrometer methods

Self-control and alcohol consumption among university students in Botswana

“Your drinking is my problem”: recording alcohol’s harm to others in Nigeria

Prevalence of substance use and association with psychiatric illness among patients in UYO, Nigeria

Context and consequences of liquor sachets use among young people in Malawi

Pattern of psychoactive substance use in the northern region of Nigeria

“To drink or not to drink?”: moral ambiguity of alcohol in the

Self- and Collateral Spouse-Reported Alcohol in Malawi: Exploring Social Drinking Norms' Potential for Alcohol Prevention

Monitoring Outdoor Alcohol Advertising in Developing Countries: Findings of a Pilot Study in Five African Countries

Perceived Discrimination and Social Identity as Adolescents' Pathways to Early Substance Use

Drug Use Patterns and Socio-Demographic Profiles of Substance Users: Findings from a Substance Abuse Treatment Programme in Gaborone, Botswana

Drinking, Violence Against Women and the Reproduction of Masculinity in Oron, Nigeria

Substance use and sexual risk behaviours amongst in-school youth and young adults living in Liberia

Pictorial warnings on cigarette packets: Effectiveness and deterrence among Egyptian youth

Prevalence and consequences of substance use among high school and college students in Ethiopia: A review of the literature

The "War on drugs" in Nigeria: How effective and beneficial is it in dealing with the problem?

Need for needle and syringe programmes in Africa

A systematic review of evidence-based workplace prevention programmes that address substance abuse and HIV risk behaviours

Taboo of alcohol and road safety policies in Algeria

Patterns and determinants of alcohol use among Nigerian university students: an overview of recent developments

Representations sociales de la consommation de tramadol au Niger, perceptions et connaissances des communautes : enjeux pour les actions de lutte

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