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African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

Context and consequences of liquor sachets use among young people in Malawi

Authors: E Hoel, G Azalde, AC Munthalic, AH Eide, H Natvig, SH Braathen

Journal: African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

This article presents a relatively new phenomenon regarding alcohol related problems in Malawi; the context and consequences of the consumption of liquor sachets among young people. The results presented are part of a larger study looking at the prevalence and social norms related to alcohol use, as well as people’s opinions on policies and interventions related to alcohol in Malawi. The results presented here are from a qualitative component in three Malawian communities. The results imply that the introduction of sachets has contributed to an increase in alcohol consumption among young people. Major issues of concern are issues of age limits, packaging and alcohol content, as well as lack of empirical evidence on which to base policies and interventions. Finally, there is a need to mobilize positive adult role models for young people with regards to alcohol. Key words : Liquor sachets, Malawi, youth, alcohol consequences, qualitative study