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African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

Familial drinking habit, emotional stability and alcohol use in a sample of male and female adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria

Authors: Abiodun M. Lawal

Journal: African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

This study examined demographic variables, familial drinking habit and emotional stability as predictors of alcohol use among adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria. This is across sectional study that used ex-post facto research design. Data were collected from 220 (118 males & 102 females) adolescents using structured questionnaires comprising of demographic characteristics and scales measuring variables of interest in the study. Three-stage hierarchical multiple regression analyses were used in the study. Parents’ SES (β = .13; p<.05) and parents’ educational level (β = .16; p<.05) independently predicted alcohol use; and along with age, they accounted for 7% of the explained variance in alcohol use. Inclusion of familial drinking habit along with other variables accounted for 40% of the explained variance in alcohol use. Male reported more alcohol use than female adolescents. Findings were discussed in accordance with previous studies. The relevance of the influence of familial drinking habits was emphasized in alcohol reduction intervention programmes for adolescents. Keywords: Alcohol use, familial drinking habits, emotional stability, adolescents, Nigeria