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African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies

Alcohol marketing in Africa: not an ordinary business

Comparison of baseline drinking practices, knowledge, and attitudes of adult s residing in communities taking part in the FAS prevention study in South Africa

Stress, alcohol use and work engagement among university workers in Nigeria

Survey of drug use among young people in Ife, Nigeria

Sex work, drug use and sexual health risks: Occupational norms among brothel-based sex workers in a Nigerian city

Perception of alcohol availability, promotion and policy by Nigerian university students

Determinants of psychoactive substance use among incarcerated delinquents in Nigeria

Social network characteristics, perceived drinking norms and hazardous alcohol use

Parental influence on substance use among young people in the Niger Delta region, Nigeria

Social exclusion as a contributing factor for the addition of harmful substances to home-made alcohol: The case of Mopani District in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Prevalence and correlates of substance use among persons with mental disorders in a Nigerian Psychiatric Hospital

Drug use among people who patronize beer parlours: The function of big five personality factor s and self-monitoring

Narratives of resilience after a period of substance abuse and crime

University and family collaboration in substance abuse intervention in Nigeria: A private university case study

A Comparison of Alcohol Use and Correlates of Drinking Patterns among Men and Women Aged 50 and Above in Ghana and South Africa

Pattern of Urine Toxicology Screening in a Lagos Psychiatric Hospital

Review of Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use-Related Sexual Risk Behaviour in Africa

Determinants of Alcohol, Khat, and Bhang Use in Rural Kenya

Street Life Involvement and Substance Use among “Yandaba” in Kano, Nigeria

HIV risk behaviours, perceived severity of drug use problems, and prior treatment experience in a sample of young heroin injectors in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Prevalence and specific psychosocial factors associated with substance use and psychiatric morbidity among patients with HIV infection at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto State, Nigeria

Sexual victimization, partner aggression and alcohol consumption.

Cannabis use among young people in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: a qualitative study

Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of alcohol use disorders among HIV patients

Alcohol related problems, family type and youth HIV/AIDS risk behaviour

Harm reduction – the right policy approach for Africa?

Utilization of community-based outpatient addiction treatment programmes in Kenya

Gender, locus of control and smoking habits of undergraduate students

Is there a causal relationship between alcohol and HIV? Implications for policy, practice and future research.

The role of solvents in the lives of Kenyan street children: an ethnographic perspective

Raves and ecstasy use in Egypt: a subcultural paradigm

Influence of sensation-seeking and impulsivity on drug use among youths in Ibadan

Sexual risk behaviours among patients admitted for substance use disorder and schizophrenia in a psychiatric hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

South African health care providers’ recognition of the links between alcohol and HIV in their daily practice: a pilot study.

Determination of Caffeine Content in Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Energy Drinks Using Hplc-Uv Method.

Is Cannabis Use Related to Road Crashes? A Study of Long Distance Commercial Drivers in Nigeria

Extent and Influence of Recreational Drug Use on Men and Women Aged 15 Years and Older in South Africa

Chang’aa Drinking in Kibera Slum: The Harmful Effects of Contemporary Changes in the Production and Consumption of Traditional Spirits

Khat (Catha edulis): academic, health and psychosocial efects on “mature” students

Pentazocine abuse in sickle cell anaemia patients: a report of two case vignetes

The impact of Thaba-Bosiu Centre alternative livelihoods programme on alcohol problems: a case study of Ha Mothae

The feasibility of integrating alcohol risk-reduction counseling into existing VCT services in Kenya

To what extent do youth-focused prevention programmes reflect evidence-based practices? Findings from an audit of alcohol and other drug prevention programmes in Cape Town, South Africa

A Retrospective Study Of Cannabis Use-Associated Psychopathology In A Southern Nigeria Treatment Facility

Alcohol-Related Problems And High Risk Sexual Behaviour In Patients With Hiv/Aids Attending Medical Clinic In A Nigerian University Teaching Hospital

Self Efficacy And Religiosity As Determinants Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment Outcome In Substance Use Disorders

Report On The Who Regional Technical Consult Ation On A Global Strategy To Reduce Harmful Use Of Alcohol

Prevalence of substance use among rural high school students in Limpopo Province, South Africa

An epidemiologic study of drug abuse and HIV and AIDS in Malawi

Influences on smoking behaviour of adolescents and young adults in a Nigerian university

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