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Mobility and Sector-specific Effects of Changes in Multiple Sources of Deprivation in Cameroon

An Empirical Re-examination of Exchange Rate-Trade Balance Nexus in Nigeria

Analysis of Bilateral Trade in UEMOA: The Implication of Trade Effects

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in the Economic Community of West African States

The Determinants of Corruption in Cameroon

Inflation and capacity utilisation in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector

Macroeconomic costs and benefits of a common currency for the second West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ)

Labour contracts and performance of Cameroonian firms

Analysis of determinants of public hospitals efficiency in Cameroon

Exchange rates, petroleum prices and price determination in Sierra Leone

Public debt and growth in selected West African countries: Implications for economic integration

Determinant of asymmetric risks in Nigerian loan market: any dichotomy between the banks and borrowers’ perspectives?

The determinants of the financing decisions of listed and non-listed firms in Ghana

Is learning-by-exporting and self-selection market specific? Evidence from Uganda’s manufacturing sector

Patterns of absolute and relative pro-poor growth in Cameroon: 2001-2007 1

Costs and Benefits of Monetary Union: A Pedagogical Note

Are there Potential Economic Benefits from China-Nigeria Trade Agreements

Trade Policy Reforms and Sectoral Employment in Nigeria

Inflation and Economic Growth: An Estimate of the Threshold Level of Inflation in Nigeria

Government Capital Spending and Financing and Its Impact on Private Investment In Kenya: 1964-2006

Effects of Deforestation on Household Time Allocation among Rural Agricultural Activities: Evidence from Western Uganda

Economic Determinants and Importance of Private Transfers in Ghana

The Determinants of Current Account Imbalances in Malawi

Testing Non-Stationarity in Selected Macroeconomic Series from Sudan

Estimation of Technical Efficiencies in Maize Production: Evidence from Two States in Nigeria

Parental Literacy and Child Health Production in Cameroon

Single Currency in the ECOWAS Region: Does it Make Sense?

Trade Policy and “Natural” Barrier-Induced Incidence of Protection and Aggregate Demand for Imports: Evidence from Malawi

Rural-Urban Migration, Remittances and Rural Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania: A Case Study of Migrants from Kondoa District

Asset Growth, Asset Distribution and Changes in Multidimensional Poverty in Cameroon

Analysing the correlates of poverty in Kenya: An institutional approach 1

Productivity improvement in ecowas rice parming: Parametric and non-parametric analysis

Capital flight and its determinants in the Franc zone

Assymmetric shocks and adjustment in West African Monetary Union

A review of trade policy in South Africa

Non-monetary multidimensional poverty analysis in Cameroon: Its correlates and regional distributions

Determinants of urban youth labour supply in Côte D'Ivoire

The Nigerian forestry subsector: Performance, resources and policy

Import demand in Ghana: Structure, behaviour and stability

potential impacts of trade policy reform arising from the economic partnership agreement (EPA) on wage and employment in Nigerian manufacturing subsectors

Financial globalisation and macroeconomic performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Nigeria

the efficacy of foreign exchange market intervention in Malawi

the impact of changes in board composition on shareholders wealth: Evidence from Nigeria

Agricultural trade liberalisation financing and its impact on poverty in Ghana

Expected poverty profile among rural households in Nigeria

Determinants of a firm's level of exports: Evidence from manufacturing firms in Uganda

Investigating the causal effect of household social capital on labour force participation in Cameroon

Tourism and reputation in Africa: A panel data analysis

Governance and economic growth in Cameroon

inflationary dynamics in Nigeria: A reassessment

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