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African Journal of Economic Policy

Mobility and Sector-specific Effects of Changes in Multiple Sources of Deprivation in Cameroon

Authors: BN Epo, FM Baye

Journal: African Journal of Economic Policy

Using the second and third Cameroon household consumption surveys, this study examined mobility and sector-specific effects of changes in multiple sources of deprivation in Cameroon. Results indicated that between 2001 and 2007, deprivations associated with human capital and labour capital reduced, while deprivations associated with financial and demographic capital worsened. Further, deprivations in urban areas decreased, with the rural areas appearing to suffer more from the different deprivation outcomes. Regarding the sectoral decomposition, with exception of human capital, the intra-sector component appeared to globally affect deprivation outcomes more than the inter-sector component for all other forms of capital. Policy suggestions pointed to the need to consolidate human capital investment and acquisition; facilitate access to-and provision-of microcredit; render efficient rural electrification and access to water; encourage family planning; as well as encourage employment mobility and decent employment working conditions. Keywords: Deprivation, Regressed-income sources, Sectoral decomposition and Cameroon. JEL : I31, I32, D39, D63