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African Journal of Economic Policy

Public expenditure and economic growth in Africa

Testing the displacement of savings hypothesis: Using new econometric methodology

Factors affecting the decision to use organic manure(compost) in cereal production in Northern region of Ghana

Economic analysis of the spatial integration of plantain markets in Cameroon

National health accounts: Structure, trends and sustainability of health expenditure in Nigeria

Macroeconomic determinants of poverty reduction in the era of globalisation in Kenya: Policy implications

Determinants of human development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Trade policy reforms and private investment response in Nigerian

Price reactions to dividend policy changes on the Nigerian stock market

Dynamci acreage response of selected individual crops to price risk in Nigeria

poverty and child farm labour in Africa: Wealth paradox or bad orthodox

The stochastic frontiers approach to measures of technical inefficiencies among wheat farmers in Ausin Gishu district, Kenya

Privatisation and productive efficiency of firms in Nigeria

An evaluation of the impact of Nigeria's trade and investment policy reforms

Trade and investment policy reforms in Cameroon: Impact assessment and perspectives

Impact of macroeconomic policy reforms on wage and employment: Evidence from Nigeria's manufacturing sector

An empirical analysis of the impact of budget deficit on the current account balance in Cameroon

An economic analysis of the impact of the petroleum industry in the Niger delta: A regional input-output framework

Macroeconomic and distributional consequences of energy supply shocks in Nigeria

Removing impediments to african exports

Is the Human Development Index (HDI) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) a relevant indicator?

Dimensions and determinants of income inequality in the Nigerian labour market

Privatisation and capital accumulation: emperical evidences from Ethiopia

Technical efficiency and returns to scale in agriculture: the case of Arabica coffee producers in Cameroon

Money supply mechanisms in Nigeria

Impact of manufactured goods' exports on economic growth: a dynamic econometric model for Nigeria

Analysis of the determinants of foreign direct investment flows in Waemu countries

Fiscal reforms and income inequalities in Senegal and Burkina Faso: a comparative study

Poverty and malnutrition in Cameroon

The decomposition of income inequality by sources of income: the rural Nigerian experience

Technical efficiency in some privatised enterprises in Nigeria

Poverty, property rights and socio-economic incentives for land conservation: the case for Kenya

Real exchange rate behaviour and non-oil export growth in Nigeria

Comparative analysis of technical efficiency between traditional and improved rice variety farmers in Nigeria

Evaluating the incidence of indirect tax reforms in Cameroon

Determinants of technical efficiency in traditional agricultural production: application of stochastic frontier modelling to food crop farmers in South-Western Nigeria

Analysis of ownership structure in Nigeria quoted companies and its correlation with corporate performance

Targeting and benefit equity in the use of public health care facilities in Cameroon

An econometrics analysis of firms' compliance costs of sanitary and phytosanitary standards (SPS) in Nigeria's export markets: the case of processed agricultural and food products

Sub-Saharan Africa: External Debt, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

Costs of Meeting Export Markets' Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards: Evidence from Nigerian Processed Agricultural and Food Products Export Firms

Determinants of Interest Rate Spread in Kenya

Fiscal Policy and Income Distribution: Some Policy Options for Nigeria

An Empirical Study of Gender Gap in Children Schooling in Nigeria

Incidence and Determinants of Child Labour in Nigeria: Implications for Poverty Alleviation

Financial liberalization, inflation tax and the demand for money in Mozambique

Testing for bank competition in Nigeria: a conjectural variation approach

Decomposition of inequality in the distribution of living standards in Cameroon

The effects of household endowments on poverty in Nigeria

Labour force participation and gender differences in Kenya

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