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Determinants and Macroeconomic Impact of Parallel Exchange Rate’s Premium in Sudan

Capital Structure and Firm Performance in Nigeria

Capital Flows Interactions in a Fragile State: Evidence from Nigeria

Remittances and Household Expenditure Allocation Behavior in Kenya

The Effect of Public Debt on Private Investment in Tanzania

Revenue Effects of Tax Reforms, Economic Growth and Political Environment in Kenya

Tax Compliance in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Important are Non-Pecuniary Factors?

Does Citizen's Trust in Government Increase Willingness to Pay Taxes in Tanzania? A Case Study of Mtwara, Lindi and Dar es Salaam Regions

Can Non-Oil Incomes Outride Oil Incomes in Nigeria? Evidence from Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average

Aids Effectiveness and Developmental Outcomes in Nigeria

Applying Relativity in Understanding Poverty and Promoting Economic Development in Rural Africa

Asymmetric Effect of Monetary Policy Shocks on Output and Prices in Nigeria

Post-harvest Loss and Adoption of Improved Post-harvest Storage Technologies by Smallholder Maize Farmers in Tanzania

Impact of Cross-Border Trade in Food Staples on Child Nutrition in East Africa

Is value-added tax a moneymaking-machine for developing economies? Evidence from Ghana

Is it factor accumulation or total factor productivity explaining the economic growth in ECOWAS? An empirical assessment

The dynamic synergies between agricultural financing and economic growth of Tanzania

Does development assistance for health buy better results in maternal health in Tanzania? evidence from Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model

Oil price shock and agricultural commodity prices in Nigeria: A Non-Linear Autoregressive Distributed Lag (NARDL) approach

Dynamics of economic growth, energy consumption and health outcomes in selected sub-Sahara African countries

An emprical analysis of weak-form efficiency of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

Food poverty dynamics and the determinants across households in rural south south Nigeria

An empirical analysis of tax ratios and tax efforts for Kenya and Malawi

Comparing the illicit financial flows in some African countries: implications for policy

Trade union revitalization in Kenya: acquisition and utilization of power resources

Inequalities in infant malnutrition between rural and urban areas in Cameroon: a Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition

The burden of produce cess and other market charges in Kenya’s agriculture

Determinants of public health expenditure growth in Tanzania: an application of Bayesian Model

Foreign direct investment and natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of institutions towards the Africa we want “2063 Vision”

Analyzing inflation in Nigeria: a fractionally integrated ARFIMA-GARCH modelling approach

The effect of public health spending on under-five mortality rate in Uganda

Monetary policy shocks and industrial output in Nigeria: a dynamic effect

Income convergence in the east African community

Enhancing agricultural value chain for economic diversification in Nigeria

Is the banning of importation of second-hand clothes and shoes a panacea to industrialization in east Africa?

Domestic resource mobilization and long term economic growth in Tanzania

Understanding household education expenditure in Sudan: do poor and rural households spend less on education?

Trade liberalization and economic performance in Nigeria: Evidence from agricultural and manufacturing sectors

Does financial system influence tax revenue? The case of Nigeria

Economic determinants of Greenhouse gas emissions in Ethiopia: Bounds testing approach

Corruption and Challenges of Sustainable Inclusive Growth in Nigeria

The nexus between cross-border migration and international trade: Evidence from Tanzania

Exchange rate movement and import price of Machineries in Nigeria: A bound testing approach

The impact of human capital development in employment generation in Nigeria

Balance of payments constrained economic growth in Nigeria

Foreign direct investment and public sector management and institutions: the Acquaintances in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) low-income economies

Government expenditure, efficiency and economic growth: a panel analysis of Sub Saharan African low income countries

Double digit economic growth vs. social wellbeing in Ethiopia: a cross-country comparison

Improving access to livestock markets for sustainable rangeland management

Interest rate liberalization, financial development and economic growth in Sub-Saharan African economies

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