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African Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics and Sciences

African Journal of Educational Studies in Mathematics and Sciences

Effect of using Geogebra on senior high school students’ performance in circle theorems

Effects of sequenced experimentation on trainees’ understanding of concepts in analytical chemistry

Recurrent Difficulties: Stoichiometry problem-solving

Influence of teachers’ coverage of mathematics curriculum materials (MCM) on their schools’ performance in mathematics

Movement and the African child: A practice going astray

Effect of instruction on children’s strategies for solving addition problems

Use of improvised experiment materials to improve Teacher Training College students’ achievements in Physics, Rwanda

Heads of departments’ perception of teachers’ participation in continuous professional development programmes and its influence on science and mathematics teaching in Ghanaian secondary schools

Ghanaian public and private junior high school mathematics classroom learning environment: A look at students’ attitudes

Caring relationships in the environment of changing teacher professional development

Identifying beliefs underlying the teacher's decision to teach mathematical problem solving: An elicitation study using the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Reforms in science curricula in last six decades: Special reference to physics

Self-disclosure in young people: A study of social undergraduate students in a Ghanaian university

Mathematics learning through classroom assessment: Evaluating the value of weekly class tests

Learning calculus concepts through interactive real-life examples

Implementing National Accelerated Language Programme (NALAP) in Northern Ghana: Lessons from the Wing Schools

Effect of multimedia courseware with cooperative learning on senior high school students’ proficiency in solving linear equation word problems

Exploring fraud and abuse in National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) using data mining technique as a statistical model

Using problem-solving instruction to overcome high school chemistry students’ difficulties with stoichiometric problems

Perceived social support from parents and teachers’ influence on students' mathematics-related self-beliefs

Pre-service teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in teaching geometric transformation

Cultural influences on Ghanaian primary school pupils’ conceptions in measurement and division of fractions

Science student teacher’s perceptions of good teaching

Students’ performance on the Ghanaian junior high school mathematics national minimum standards in the Efutu Municipality

Integrating interactive multimedia into mathematics course modules for distance education

Primary school mathematics teachers’ ideas, beliefs, and practices of constructivist instructional strategies

Effect of the inquiry-based teaching approach on students’ understanding of circle theorems in plane geometry

The Role and relevance of mathematics in the maritime industry

A radical-local approach to bringing cultural practices into mathematics teaching in Ghanaian primary schools, exemplified in the case of measurement

Students’ errors in solving linear equation word problems: Case study of a Ghanaian senior high school

Technology use among Ghanaian Senior High School mathematics teachers and the factors that influence it

Improving science, technology and mathematics education in Nigeria: A case study of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

The effect of graphing software on students’ conceptual understanding of quadratic functions

The effect of Ghanaian pre-service teachers’ content knowledge on their mathematical knowledge for teaching basic school mathematics

Cooperative learning, problem solving and mediating artifacts

Misconceptions of undergraduate chemistry teachers about hybridisation

The contribution of attitudes of students and teachers to junior high school students’ achievement in mathematics

Water quality of fresh water bodies in the lower Volta Basin: A case study of lakes Kasu and Nyafie

The relationship between hyperactivity dyslexia disorder and emotional intelligence and success

Pre-service secondary school science teachers science teaching efficacy beliefs

Regular classroom assessment as a means of enhancing Teacher Trainees’ understanding of concepts in electricity and magnetism

Effects of dialogic peer and teacher guided discourse patterns on students interest in biology in Yola Educational Zone of Adamawa State

Effect of duct orientation on particle deposition in the human respiratory tract

Level 100 Physics’ students’ experiences and perceptions with interactive engagement approaches in teaching: a study in a Ghanaian University

Impact of a Web Resources Exposure Lesson (WREL) on Educational Internet Use in a Limited Resource Society

A column generation approach to a carpentry cutting stock problem: a case study for planks cutting in Zimbabwe

Effects of constructivist teaching strategies and traditional lecture method on students’ learning outcomes in Nigeria’s integrated science education

Teacher and Student Perceptions of Teacher Oral Communication Behaviour in the Algebra Classroom

Gender and Developmental Differences in Attitudes toward Science between Grade 7 and Grade 9 Pupils

The effect of self-regulated learning on academic achievement of secondary school physics students

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