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African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Assessment of agricultural practices on water quality of the Tono Dam in the Upper East Region of Ghana

The impact of sea water intrusion on the spatial variability of the physical and chemical properties of ground water in Limbe-Cameroon

Factors affecting the development of effective water resource management policies: The case of the management of Lake Victoria Basin in Uganda

Land capability analysis and delineation of erosion prone areas in the case of Kulfo Watershed, Abaya Chamo Basin

Impacts of climate change on sorghum production in North Eastern Ethiopia

Comparative study of physicochemical parameters of wastewater discharged at the beaches of the Dakar Coast

Application of a decision support tool for municipal solid waste open dumps remediation in Cape Verde

Spatiotemporal variation of irrigation water quality at Bochessa Watershed in Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Agro-ecological assessment of physico-chemical properties of soils in Kulfo Watershed, South Western Ethiopia

Management of world energy resources (Renewable energy): Choices for the future?

Design and construction of fixed dome digester for biogas production using cow dung and water hyacinth

Evaluation of stream flow under land use land cover change: A case study of Chemoga Catchment, Abay Basin, Ethiopia

Characterization of the development and productivity of Jatropha curcas L. plants according to provenance and tillage in Bargny, Senegal

Spatial patterns of climatic variability and water budget over Sudan Savannah Region of Nigeria

Future evolution of surface temperature extremes and the potential impacts on the human health in Senegal

Assessment of hydrological pathway and water quality of the songor wetland, Ghana

Active and passive air quality bio-monitoring in the tropics: Intra-urban and seasonal variation in atmospheric particles estimated by leaf saturated isothermal remanent magnetisation of Ficus benjamina L (Moraceae)

Occurrence, quantities and probable human health risks of indicatory polychlorinated biphenyls in processed Lates niloticus (L.) products from Lake Victoria in Tanzania

Seasonal variations of some physico-chemical properties of water sources that feed Rivers Wouri and Meme of Cameroon

The roles of community-based water and sanitation management teams (WSMTs) for sustainable development: An example of the Bawku West District, Ghana

A chemical speciation study of selected heavy metals in aquatic bottom sediment samples from Mpenge stream, Musanze District, Rwanda

The dynamics of pastoral mobility routes in relation to food security in semi-arid areas of Simanjiro and Handeni districts in Tanzania

Physicochemical quality of the groundwater perimeter of rice farms of Maga (Far North Cameroon)

Crude oil polluted soil remediation using poultry dung (chicken manure)

Ecological assessment and economic valuation of three wetlands in eastern Hararghe, Oromia Regional State Ethiopia

Seasonal variability of rainfall and thunderstorm in Guinea over the period 1981 to 2010

Solid waste management in urban communities in Ghana: A case study of the Kumasi metropolis

Household perception and willingness to pay for improved waste management service in Mamfe, Cameroon

Non-linear equilibrium and kinetic study of the adsorption of 2,4-dinitrophenol from aqueous solution using activated carbon derived from olives stones and cotton cake

A view of road transport in Africa

Assessment of radiological risk from the soils of artisanal mining areas of Anka, North West Nigeria

Exergy consumption analysis of the transportation sector of Senegal

Effect of seed pre-treatment and its duration on germination of Detarium microcarpum (Guill. and Perr.)

Pit latrine faecal sludge solid waste quantification and characterization to inform the design of treatment facilities in peri-urban areas: A case study of Kanyama

Reported driving factors of land-use/cover changes and its mounting consequences in Ethiopia: A Review

Balancing land management under livestock keeping regimes: A case study of Ruvu and Zigi catchments in Tanzania

Residues of the transformation of halieutics products: An alternative substrate for energy valorization of wastes by methanisation for a local sustainable development (preliminary results)

A 50-year review on heavy metal pollution in the environment: Bivalves as bio-monitors

Rural households access to water resources under climate impacts based on field evidence in Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Impacts of soil and water conservation practices on livelihood: The case of watershed in Gambela region, Ethiopia

Assessment of heavy metals [As, Cu, Zn] from boreholes in the Western Region of Ghana

Environmental assessment of tropical African mahogany (Khaya)

Assessment of drinking water quality at Dodowa in the Dangbe West district of the Greater-Accra region, Ghana

An assessment of the contribution of fluvial sediment discharge to coastal stability: A case study of Western Region of Ghana

Innovative pathways for enhancing climate change and variability resilience among agro-pastoral communities in semi-arid areas of Kiteto and Kilindi Districts, Tanzania

Assessment of drinking water quality at Dodowa in the Dangbe West district of the Greater-Accra region, Ghana

Innovative pathways for enhancing climate change and variability resilience among agro-pastoral communities in semi-arid areas of Kiteto and Kilindi Districts, Tanzania

Bushfires spread modelling over Malea in Northeastern Guinea

Comparativ e assessment of heavy metals in drinking water sources from Enyigba Community in Abakaliki Local Government Area, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

A critical look at the Ghanaian one district one factory industrial policy in relation to climate change

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