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African Journal of Governance and Development

African Journal of Governance and Development

Regional integration and development in Africa: Between the present realities and overcoming future challenges

Bridging social capital and the imperative of leadership development in Nigeria

Theoretical appraisal of multimodal federalism as a framework of governance and the prospect of sustainable development in Nigeria

Implementation of a public-private partnership in local government in Ghana: A study of Ga West and Adentan Municipal Assemblies in the Greater Accra Region

Nigerian political parties and internal democracy

The Quest to Develop African States Through Transformative and Just Reforms

Mozambican Aggregate Consumption and Domestic Saving: Evolution and Strategic Relevance

Morocco’s Job Market Policy Over the Last Fifteen Years: Graduate Recruitment in the Public Sector

The Millennium Development Goals and the Status of Gender Disparity in Ethiopia: Achievements and Challenges

The Purpose of Political Power: An African Dimensional Contemplation

Fiscal Federalism and Development In Nigeria

Look East or Look Least? The Zimbabwean Experience of Chinese Economic Investment in Selected Texts and Examples

Impeachment as an Accountability Measure in a Presidential System? Views From Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

Dimensions, Dynamics and Pathways of Addressing Inequality and Inequity among Children in Africa

Representation without Participation: Dilemmas of Quotas for Women in Post-apartheid South Africa

A Holistic Philosophy of Emancipation and the Postcolonial African State

Editorial: Drawing on the Local Environment as a Locus for Solving Development Problems

The African Union and the Conflict in Mali: Extra-regional Influence and the Limitations of a Regional Actor

Alternative Paths to Social Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case for Poverty Alleviation Programmes by the Poor

Management of Edible Stinkbugs ( Encosternum delegorguei ) in Bikita District, Zimbabwe

Multivariate Association in Road Traffic Crashes and the Policy Implication for Maximum Remedial Effect

Nurturing good governance in Africa

Good governance and economic development: The challenges of democratic sustainability in Nigeria

Rethinking deification, gerontocracy and clientelism in the Nigerian political space

African leaders and trust deficit culture: Power, politics, and the Nigerian polity under General Ibrahim B. Babangida (1985-1993)

Perception of public corruption in Kenya

Health diplomacy and public policy in Nigeria: The impact of the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes

An econometric analysis of the investment climate and growth potential in Nigeria

Prospects for creating global justice consensually: suggestions from models of indigenous African governance

The effectiveness of the Expanded Public Works Programme on job creation: a look at a South African metropolitan municipality

Institutional dynamics and health service delivery in regional referral hospitals in Uganda: What lessons from a case of Jinja Regional Hospital?

Boundaries of community engagement in enhancing performance of government programmes at the local level: a lesson drawing from National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), Uganda

Is performance management measurement a panacea for effective accountability and transparency in public service delivery in a developing country? Insights from Uganda

Democracy and the local networ

Development crisis and ideological shift: Africa’s economic policy in an era of global recession

Whose conception of nature? Conflict between state and local people over Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia..

Dealing with the challenges of curriculum implementation: Lessons from rural secondary schools

The development of multicultural education in South Africa from a sociopolitical perspective

Good Governance Analysing Performance of Economic Community of West African States and Southern African Development Community Members on Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Income Generation from Biofuel: Opportunities and Challenges for Poor Farmers in Southern Africa

Infrastructure Policy Reforms and Rural Poverty Reduction in Ghana: Perspectives from the Keta Sea Defence Project.

Spatial Regulation, Politics of Access and Informal economic Policy: The Case of Durban Metro

Programmes and Strategies Targeting Gender and Poverty Reduction in South Africa: A Case Study of Three Service Departments

A Review of Democracy and Development in Africa

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