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African Journal of Livestock Extension

Haematological and serum biochemical response of broiler chicks fed diets containing ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) from different processing methods

Control strategies for foot and mouth disease with particular reference to Nigeria

Performance and egg quality traits of egg-type chickens fed cottonseed cake based diets

Farm and clinical records, pig handlers’ knowledge and management of scours in Ejisu-Juaben municipality, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Growth performance and some haematological changes associated with yam peel meal inclusions in finishing diet of broiler chickens in Ghana

Utilization of graded levels of corn cobs and cowpea husk on growth performance of west African dwarf ewes

Effects of different feed form (dry and wet) supplemented with probotics ( Lactobacillus spp ) on the faecal microbial load and heamatological parameters of weaned pigs

Occurence of Heterakis gallinarum and Ascaridia galli in village weaver birds ( Ploceus cucullatus ) in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

Incidence of anaplasmosis in sheep slaughtered in Sokoto Abattoir, northwestern Nigeria

Perceived effectiveness of Agricultural Information Channels (AIC) in marketing of poultry eggs in Ijebu North-East local government area of Ogun State

Extent of livelihood diversification among artisanal fisher-folks in communities around Ikere Gorge dam, Oyo State, Nigeria

Dietary supplementation of probiotics and synbiotics on intestinal microbial populations and gut morphology of turkey poults

Cattle pastoralists’ strategies to cope with water scarcity in climate change context in northern Benin : Cattle pastoralists’ strategies to cope with water scarcity in climate change context in northern Benin, West Africa

Climate change and poultry production in Nigeria: Farmers’ perception of the effects and adaptation strategies in derived Savannah Zone of Enugu State

Potentials of ethanolic extracts of ( Jatropha curcas ) on the gut morphology of broilers

Tephrosia bracteolate (Gull et Perr) – Panicum maximum (jacq) combinations utilization by West African Dwarf Goats

Livestock Fadama users’ access to information on selected livestock technologies in Oyo Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) zone

Effect of aqueous Tetrapleura tetraptera (african porridge fruit) on performance and gut morphology of broiler chickens

Information needs of grasscutter farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Macro elements utilization in W.A.D. does fed combined levels of Andropogon gayanus (kunth) and Gliricidia sepium (jacq) with cassava offal based concentrate

Intake and milk yield of Zebu cows fed Moringa forage ensiled with cassava peel

Mineral profiling, carcass quality and sensory evaluation of broiler chicken fed basal proprietary diets supplemented with leaf meals

Anti-nutrients and mineral nutrient potential of gmelina ( Gmelina arborea ) fruit and fruit pulp from Akamkpa, southeastern Nigeria: Implication for livestock feeding

Effects of aquaculture researchers’ job characteristics on linkage activities in Nigeria

Perception of nomadic Fulani household heads on their children involvement in ranch succession plan in Ilorin south lga of Kwara state, Nigeria

Women goat farmers in the rural areas of Ogun State: Challenge for extension agents and researchers

Evaluation of Moringa oleifera seed as coagulation aid for treatment of fish farm effluents

Effect of Allium sativum on growth, feed utilization and haematological parameters of Clarias gariepinus juvenile

Haematological and serum enzymes biomarkers of heavy metals in Chrysichthys Nigrodigitatus and Cynoglossus senegalensis

Linguistic verbalization and its implication for animal communication

Effect of regimes of dietary oxytetracycline on the intestinal characteristics of broiler chicken

Boosting aquaculture production systems in Osun state: Role of microcredit and extension services

Web-based research publications on Sub-Saharan Africa’s prized meat rodent: A global scorecard

Assessment of the knowledge and effects of foot and mouth disease amongst cattle farmers in Ogun state, Nigeria

Growth performance and organ characteristics of rats fed Gmelina ( Gmelina Arborea ) fruit pulp

Digestibility and nitrogen balance of sole malted sorghum sprout, maize stover and rice straw in West African Dwarf goat

Growth and carcass characteristics of finishing broilers on acidified blood meal based diet

Analysis of knowledge, attitude and practices of small ruminant farmers for training needs identification in Southwestern Nigeria

Fish farm management practices in Nigeria

Effect of regimes of dietary oxytetracycline on the performance of broiler chicken

Pre-sowing treatment, agronomic performance and nutritive potential of Tephrosia bracteolate ( Guill. et Perr. ) at four different stages of growth

Fish production practices and use of aquaculture technologies among fish farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Factors influencing the marketing of fresh fish in Ogun State, Nigeria

Awareness and use of natural growth promoters among poultry farmers in Oyo state, Nigeria

Incidence of foetal wastage and economic implication on national herd replacement: A case study of Lafenwa Municipal Abattoir Ogun State, Nigeria

Evaluation of four proprietary toxin-binders in groundnut cake based broiler finishers’ diet

Assessment of the Potential Value of Twelve Browse Legume Trees Using In Vitro Gas Production and Coefficient of Preference Technique

Use of Native Herbs in Health Management in Nigeria

Economic Evaluation of Small Scale Fish Farmers in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos

Assessment of the Training Needs of Poultry Farmers in Ovia & Oredo Local Government Areas of Edo State, Nigeria

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