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African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research

African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research

Funmatics: The future generation of African mathematical scientists - How their minds works

Three-step optimized block backward differentiation formulae (TOBBDF) for solving stiff ordinary differential equations

An internal heat source in temperature rate dependent thermoelastic medium subjected to the effect of rotation and gravity field

A mathematical model for solving integer linear programming problems

Volatility measure of Nigeria crude oil production as a tool to investigate production variability

Fixed lifetime inventory system with double order under useful lifetime based model

A short note on inequalities of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy matrices

Total revenue function for non-regular fixed lifetime inventory system

An air quality composite index based on pollutant concentration factor analysis

Comparative study of the direct and inverse finite element methods for pricing American options

Proof of Beals conjecture

Comparison of open source data mining softwares on a data set

Derivation of a new block fifth order method for numerical solution of first order initial value problems

A study on exact solution of the telegraph equation by (G/G)-expansion method

The half way series expansion

Maximizing profit in the poultry farming sector: An application of the robust linear programming technique

Multi parameter fuzzy soft set approach to decision making problem

Continuous frame in Hilbert space and its applications

Applications of Cauchy-Schwarz inequalities in the mapping structure of linear operator

Results on generalized fuzzy soft topological spaces

Analytic solutions of time fractional diffusion equations by fractional reduced differential transform method (FRDTM)

Distributional analysis with line transect methodology of the distance sampling techniques: Case of large mammals of the Mole National Park (MNP) of Ghana

Adams completion and symmetric algebra

Numerical solutions of the radiosity equation for a spherical quatrefoil on Mars

A new approach to homotopy perturbation method for solving systems of Volterra integral equations of first kind

Some propertıes of fuzzy contınuıty functıons

More accurate approximate analytical solution of pendulum with rotating support

A multi-algorithm data mining classification approach for bank fraudulent transactions

Existence of at least one solution of singular Volterra-Hammerstein integral equation and its numerical solution

Properties of the Euler phi-function on pairs of positive integers (6x - 1, 6x + 1)

A fraud detection tool in E-auctions

Solvability of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation by Laplace Decomposition Method

On two-stage fuzzy random programming for water resources management

Maximum flowminimum cost algorithm of a distribution company in Ghana: Case of NAAZO Bottling Company, Tamale Metropolis

On generalised fuzzy soft topological spaces

Applications of ig, dg, bg - Closed type sets in topological ordered spaces

A study of Greens functions for three-dimensional problem in thermoelastic diffusion media

Multivalent harmonic uniformly convex functions

A study of some systems of nonlinear partial differential equations by using Adomian and modified decomposition methods

A highly efficient implicit Runge-Kutta method for first order ordinary differential equations

Comparative study of reliability parameter of a system under different types of distribution functions

A method for the solution of fractional differential equations using generalized Mittag-Leffler function

Optimal control model for the outbreak of cholera in Nigeria

On integral invariants of ruled surface generated by the Darboux frame of the transversal intersection timelike curve of two timelike surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space

A cubically convergent class of root finding iterative methods

Application of exp (-())- expansion method to find the exact solutions of Shorma-Tasso-Olver Equation

A stage-structured two species competition model under the effect of disease

Two-step two-point hybrid methods for general second order differential equations

A fuzzy inference system for predicting depression risk levels

Hybrid filters for medical image reconstruction

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