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African Journal of Microbiology Research

Studies on the physicochemical and bacteriological properties of some semi-public Swimming pools in Makurdi, Nigeria

Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from human dental infection

Abilities of Achyla orion and Allomyces anomalus to degrade petroleum and petroleum products as sole carbon sources

Effects of inoculation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to minimize panicle grain shattering habit for increased yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Purification and characterisation of a novel broad spectrum anti-tumor L-glutaminase enzyme from marine Bacillus subtilis strain JK-79

Hepatitis C virus infection in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus in Cotonou, Benin

The prevalence of tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance among the Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates at Federal Medical Centre Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

Detection of pathogenic bacteria and fungi on biometric surface of Automated Teller Machines located in Brazilian public hospital

Effectiveness of commonly used antiseptics on bacteria causing nosocomial infections in tertiary hospital in Malaysia

In vivo safety and hypolipidemic effect of Bifidobacterium adolenscentis CH2 in female albino rats

Survey of bacterial contamination and antibiotic resistance pattern of Bangladeshi paper currency notes in Mymensingh city

Inhibition of Streptococcus mutans (ATCC 25175) biofilm formation on eugenol-impregnated surgical sutures

Utility of molecular diagnostic method compared with conventional methods in detection of etiologic agents of central nervous system infections in Rwanda

Antibiotic resistance in Saudi Arabia and some Middle Eastern countries: Current status

First report of the types TEM, CTX-M, SHV and OXA-48 of beta-lactamases in Escherichia coli, from Brazzaville, Congo

Microbial quality of Nile perch (Lates niloticus) and physico-chemical properties of salted sun-dried products sold at regional markets, Tanzania

Isolation and identification of bacteria from high-temperature compost at temperatures exceeding 90°C

Microbial contamination of cell phones of nursing department students in Technical Institute of Baqubah, Iraq

A comparative study on antibacterial effects of Hagenia abyssinica oil extracted from different parts of the plant using different solvents against two selected and standardized human pathogens

Biosynthesis of cadmium selenide quantum dots by Providencia vermicola

Influence of aqueous extracts of black angico on Pratylenchus brachyurus in cotton plants

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria spp having antibacterial and antiviral effects on chronic HCV infection

Molecular characterization of silver resistant E. coli strains isolated from patients suffering from diarrhea

Antibacterial activities of aqueous and methanol leaf extracts of Solanum incanum Linn. (Solanaceae) against multi-drug resistant bacterial isolates

Evaluation of bacterial culture and their resistant pattern in pus containing patients of different wards of the hospital, Lahore, Pakistan

In vitro activities of aqueous and hydro-ethanolic extracts of Ocimum gratissimum on Escherichia coli ESBL, Klebsiella pneumoniae ESBL and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Multiplex RT-PCR identification of five viruses associated with the watermelon crops in the Brazilian Cerrado

Effects of Lactobacillus spp. isolated from the sap of palm tree Elaeis guineensis (palm wine) on cellular and innate immunity

Identification of fliC and flagella expression in Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Gallinarum biovar gallinarum

Evaluation of starter culture fermented sweet potato flour using FTIR spectra and GCMS Chromatogram

In vitro antibacterial activity of Rumex nervosus and Clematis simensis plants against some bacterial human pathogens

Study on bovine mastitis with isolation of bacterial and fungal causal agents and assessing antimicrobial resistance patterns of isolated Staphylococcus species in and around Sebeta town, Ethiopia

Antibacterial activity of endophytic fungus, Penicillium griseofulvum MPR1 isolated from medicinal plant, Mentha pulegium L.

Health and nutritional quality assessment of salmonella-contaminated poultry products in sub-Saharan Africa; A case of cote d'ivoire

An evaluation of the effect of graphene oxide on Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Antimicrobial resistance pattern of MRSA strains isolated from patients of a hospital in Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Isolation and characterization of phenol degrading Bacillus species from a Southeast Brazilian mangrove sediment

Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of uropathogenic microorganisms associated with vesico-vaginal fistula (VVF) patients in Abakaliki, South eastern Nigeria

Diversity and Symbiotic Effectiveness of Rhizobium Isolates Collected from Different Faba bean (Vicia faba) Growing Areas of North and South Gondar, Ethiopia

Agronomic performance of soybean treated with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Seroprevalence of Chikungunya during outbreak in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2017

Epidemiology, prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in farm animals and farm workers in the Central Region of Ghana

Root symbioses in two legume-grass consortia inoculated with soils obtained from degraded coal mining areas in reclamation

Epidemiology of bloodstream infection in Saudi Arabia

Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalis using real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) among women at Institut Pasteur of Côte d’Ivoire

Diversity of culturable endophytic fungi of Hevea guianensis: A latex producer native tree from the Brazilian Amazon

Impact of faecal bacteria contamination on drinking water supply in Aghien Lagoon, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Antibiotics resistance patterns of Panton-Valentine leukocidin-positive methicillin-resistant staphylococci isolated from clinical samples in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Phenotypic and molecular characterization of inducible clindamycin resistance among Staphylococcal strains isolated from cancer patients with febrile neutropenia

Antibacterial activity of Ocimum gratissimum (scent leaf) on some pathogenic gastrointestinal bacteria

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