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African Journal of Microbiology Research

Characterization and identification of soft rot bacterial pathogens in Bangladeshi potatoes


M. M. Rahman1, M. Eaqub Ali2*, A. A. Khan1, U. Hashim2, A. M. Akanda1 and M. A. Hakim3

Journal: African Journal of Microbiology Research

We reported the characterization and identification of pathogenic bacterial strains causing soft rot in potato tuber in Bangladesh under storage conditions. Identification of bacterial pathogens in tuber is important to take appropriate disease control measures and to develope resistant plants through classical breeding or genetic engineering. A total of 92 bacterial strains were extracted from the soft rotted potato and 26 of them were found to produce soft rot on potato slices under control environment. Out of 26 soft rot causing bacterial strains, 12 were found to be aggressively virulent and were selected for characterization and identification by physiological and biochemical testing schemes. Out of the 12 virulent strains, 8 isolates designated as P-01, P-04, P-11, P-48, P-111, P-134, P-138, and P-169 were identified as Erwinia subsp. carotovora and 4 isolates labeled as P-28, P-128, P-142, and P-179 were identified as Erwinia chrysanthemi.


Key words: Soft rot bacteria, virulent strain, blackleg disease, bacterial wilt, potato tuber, control measures, resistant plant, classical breeding, genetic engineering.