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Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications

Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications

Preliminary Results of a Novel Designed 7.7 kJ Plasma Focus Device with Hemisphere Electrodes

Computational Study on Characteristic Radiation Originated from Channeled Relativistic Electrons in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

The Influence of Hemispheric Solar Activity Features on the Interplanetary Plasma Parameters throughout 1967 ̶ 2017

Isotopic Inventory and Activity Calculations of Fukushima Daiichi Unit-1 Accident

DNA Damage Detection after Chronic Exposure and Radio-adaptive Response of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

The possible hypo-lipidemic effect of aqueous extract of gamma-irradiated chard leaves in rats fed high fat diet

Infrared Faces Image Recognition Using Local Binary Pattern

Dimuons in LHC

Characteristics Analysis of Contrast Transfer Images Based on Optoelectronic Integrators

Relations Between Radionuclides Activities and Pb Concentration on Different Rock Types.

Effect of gamma-ray on producing induced colour centres and on positron annihilation lifetime of bismuth-doped zinc sodium borate glasses

Analysis of Fuel Burn-up Calculations of 3600 MWth Sodium cooled Fast Reactor Core

Assessment of Radioactivity Contents and Radiological Effects of Marble, Granite, and Ceramic Used in Alexandria City, Egypt

Investigating the sorption behavior of Cesium and cobalt on soil samples.

Stresses Induced by LOCA in Steam Generator Collector of VVER1000

Spatial Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Radiological Findings of Florid Cemento- Osseous Dysplasia: Case Report and Review of Literature

Ameliorative effect of vitamin E against radiofrequency radiation emitted from mobile phone-induced hematological and histopathological alterations in male albino mice

Ultrastructure deformation of flight muscles and bioenergetics changes in honey bee workers treated with pesticides

Anti-Tumor Effect of Green Tea Extract, Simvastatin and Gamma Radiation on Solid Tumor in Mice


Particle size effect of silica gel on the ɤ-radiation induced electrical conductivity of urea aqueous solutions

Characterization of the Effect of ɤ-Radiation Absorbed Dose on the Electrical Conductivity of Aqueous Urea Solutions in the Presence of Silica Gel :A Preliminary Dosimetric Study

Replacement of Cobalt in Medical Device Sterilization: Current Trends, Opportunities and Barriers to Adoption of X-ray and E-Beam Within the Medical Device Sterilization Market

Rheological Assessment of Different Bread Wheat Genotypes Induced via radiation and Hybridization

Gamma - Radiation-induced reaction of Sulfuric Acid with Silica gel: A Novel method for the formation of sulfonic acid - functionalized silica (SiO2-SO3H)

CYANEX 925 As Potential Extractant For the Extraction and Separation of Zirconium (IV) And Niobium (V) From nitric acid Solution

12th International Conference of Nuclear Sciences and Applications February (15-18), 2020 Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, Caribbean World Resort, Soma Bay Organized by ESNSA

Proton Induced Reactions on Natural Se and Ag Targets for Producing 76, 77, 82Br and 107Cd Radioisotopes Using Low Energy Cyclotron

Using Ultraviolet-A radiation and antifungals for treatment of dermatophytes isolated from cattle and farm workers

Comparative Effects of Nano-Selenium and Sodium Selenite Supplementation on Blood Biochemical Changes in Relation to Growth Performance of Growing New Zealand White Rabbits.

Effect of Grain Size on Radon Exhalation Rate from Calcium Silicate Rocks Using Alpha Track Detector

Relative biophysical effects on rat's bone as result of high energy photons and magnetic fields exposures

The effect of boron and titanium addition on the behavior of steel alloys of base composition AISI304 as a nuclear radiation shielding material

Chemical, Technological and Biological Evaluation of Mulberry and Persimmon Leaves

Purification and Characterization of Produced Cellulase Enzyme by Irradiated Achromobacter spanius

Impact of Oocyte Morphology on Fertilization, Embryo Quality and Pregnancy after ICSI: Evaluation with Diabetes and PCOS

Towards a Database for the Relative Spectral Lines' Intensities of Laser-Induced Breakdown spectra

Influence of Some Electrodeposition Parameters on Formation of Nanostructure Black Cobalt Coating used for Solar Energy Absorption

Structural, AC conductivity and dielectric properties of bulk 1,3-Dihydro-1,3,3-trimethylspiro[2H-indole-2,3′-[3H]naphth[2,1-b][1,4]oxazine]

The effect of the interface on magnetic properties of perovskite-spinel nanocomposites

Deformation and fracture behavior of bicrystal graphene: an atomic level simulation

Relative study between the exposures of 6MeV photons and 0.3 mT-50 Hz magnetic fields in rat's liver

Effects of Zn and Sb additions on micro-structure, creep behavior and thermal properties of binary eutectic Sn-0.7%Cu lead-free solder

Radiological hazards of TENORM contaminated soil at Oil and Gas Fields

Modeling of Passive Safety Thermosyphon Loops Cooling System for Nuclear Applications

PID Controller Adjustment using Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-Area Load Frequency Control Said A. Kotb Magdy M. Z. Abdelaal Ahmed R. Adly ETRR-2,Nuclear Research Center, Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt

Preparation and Evaluation of 177Lu-TDTMP: A Potential Theranostic Agent for Bone Metastases

Determination of Radioactivity Concentration and Assessment of Absorbed Effective Dose of Edible Plant and Soil Samples

Extraction of Some Rare Earth Elements (La, Pr and Er) from Citrate Medium Using D2EHPA in kerosene.

CPRD Supplied With Native Scintillator for Radon Gas Detection

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