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African journal of Business Ethics

African journal of Business Ethics

The Sub-Sahara African survey of Business Ethics as field of teaching, training and research

Business Ethics as field of training, teaching and research in Southern Africa

A New Zealand and Australian overview of ethics and sustainability in SMEs

Ethics and corporate social responsibility in Latin American small and medium sized enterprises: Challenging development

Ethics and sustainability within SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa: Enabling, constraining and contaminating relationships

Practice and politics: Ethics and social responsibility in SMEs in the European Union

CSR and ethics in MSMEs in India

Business education and erosion of character

Attitudes of accounting students towards ethics, continuous professional development and lifelong learning

The role of the audit committee in strengthening business ethics and protecting stakeholders' interests

The Scott/Harker Model of ethical leadership in the light of an African understanding of human existence

Internal corporate governance and personal trust

Internal governance imperatives for universities

They are all lies. Even Mother Theresa did it for herself ...

Debt of local authorities in South Africa: Accounting realities leading to ethical, social and political predicaments

Balancing corporate and social interests: Corporate governance theory and practice

Attitudes of management students towards workplace ethics: A comparative study between South Africa and Cyprus

Morality of principle versus morality of loyalty: The case of whistleblowing

Managerial business ethics in South Africa: An exploratory comparison - 1987 and 2009

The conceptualization and measurement of philosophical approaches that influence ethical decision making in the work context: Part 1

Stakeholder inclusiveness in sustainability reporting by mining companies listed on the Johannesburg securities exchange

Challenges in the sociology of business ethics: Researching whistleblowing

In corporations we trust? A critique of contractarian- based corporate social responsibility models

Education in virtues as goal of business ethics instruction

Is stakeholder theory really ethical?

Antecedents and current situation of humanistic management

Responsible leadership development through management education: A business ethics perspective

A tough line to work through’: Ethical ambiguities in a South African SME

Accountability challenges in public–private partnerships from a South African perspective

Can MNCs be held morally responsible for the unintended consequences of their operations?

Ethics education and locus of control: Is Rotter’s scale valid for Nigeria?

Creating an ethogenic organisation: The development and implementation of a whistleblowing policy

Expanded ethics: Developing a macroethical perspective for multinational companies in South Africa

Business ethics course and readiness of MBA students to manage ethically

Understanding of and attitudes to academic ethics among first‐year university students

Corporate social responsibility for SMEs: A proposed hypothesised model

The relative importance of ethics, environmental, social and governance criteria

Does business education cultivate environmental citizenship?

Critical pedagogy for teaching HRM in the context of social change

Globalisation and its influence on ethical decision-making in business: China and intellectual property

Corporate governance systems as dynamic institutions: Towards a dynamic model of corporate governance systems

On the ethical conduct of business organisations: A comparison between South African and polish business management students

Corporate citizenship in developing countries: Conceptualisations of human-rights-based evaluative benchmarks

The effect of Islamic work ethic on organisational justice

Comparing software piracy in South Africa and Zambia using social cognitive theory

Student academic dishonesty: What do academics think and do, and what are the barriers to action?

Utilising human resource management in developing an ethical corporate culture

The soft underbelly of corporate governance (Part 1): The hardware of board dynamics

The soft underbelly of corporate governance (Part 2): The software of board dynamics

Review of the second annual Ethics SA conference: An investigation of the state of ethics in South Africa

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