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African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Physiochemical properties and micronutrients status of farmland soils in Abraka, Nigeria

Authors: E. E. Akporhonor, P. O. Agbaire

Journal: African Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Micronutrients are as important as macronutrients in crop production. It is therefore imperative to have an idea of their availability in farmlands. To this end 20 soil samples were collected from 10 locations in Abraka (10 topsoil and 10 subsoil) to ascertain the level of total micronutrients. The total cationic micronutrients were determined using atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). Fe has a range between 2214 - 4820 mgkg-1, Cu ranged between 4.00 - 18.00 mgkg-1, Zn ranged between 12.00 - 44.00 mgkg-1, B ranged between 58.00 - 158.00 mgkg-1, and Mn ranged between 4.00 - 16.00 mgkg-1. Soil properties are as follows: silt between 0.00 - 6.25 gkg-1, clay 0.00 - 15.63 gkg-1, sand 83.33 - 98.86 gkg-1, pH 4.00 - 6.90, CEC (c molkg-1) between 0.69 - 6.94. Percentage organic matter ranged between 0.71 - 2.46% with a mean of 1.218%. There is relatively low correlation between soil properties with total micronutrient.   Key words: Micronutrients, physico-chemical properties, relationship.