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African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences

Socio-demographic correlates of alcohol consumption among university athletes

Authors: EG Rintaugu, M Andanje, LO Amusa

Journal: African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences

Alcohol consumption among university student athletes is a global health issue attracting attention from different stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to establish the determinants of alcohol consumption among university-student-athletes in Kenya. It was hypothesized that the reasons and consequences of alcohol consumption are sport- related and mediated by selected demographic factors and Parental Social Economic Status (PSES). Data were collected through self- administered questionnaires from 146 subjects made up of 102(69.9%) males and 44 (30.1%) females. The data were analyzed using chi-square and independent t-test. Findings indicated that student athletes consume alcohol mainly for relaxation (120; 82.2%), to overcome shyness (106; 72.6%), and overcome boredom (97; 66.4%). The consequences of alcohol consumption reported were mainly behaviour offensive to others (42; 32.6%), damaged friendships (40; 29.6%), and poor academic performance (34; 26%). However both reasons and consequences of alcohol consumption could not be determined by the selected demographic factors and PSES with the exception of the place of residence (neighbourhood). It is recommended that trainers/coaches need to sensitize the student-athletes to their vulnerability to risks associated with alcohol consumption. Intervention measures and procedures to address alcohol consumption should be multi-faceted and involve sport psychologists and counselors. Future studies should be conducted with high school and elite athletes.