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African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Analysis of outpatient prescription indicators and trends in Chinese Jingzhou area between September 1 and 10, 2006-2009


Zou Jun1*, Li Linyun1, Zhang Che2, Yan Yuanrong1, Gao Fengxi1 and Zhang Heng1

Journal: African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

By analyzing outpatient prescribing indicators and prescribing trends, to investigate the effect of academic and administrative intervention. According to World Health Organization (WHO) criteria the retrospective method was used. We sampled from daily prescriptions, computed the daily prescribing indicator and compared the mean of ten days. We sampled 1180 from 36581 prescriptions; percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name (generic name percent) was 69.2%, percentage of prescriptions with an antibiotic prescribed (antibiotic percent) was 39.15%, percentage of prescriptions with an injection prescribed (injection percent) was 22.63%, average number of drug per prescription (drug number) was 2.04, average drug cost per prescription (drug cost) wasï¿¥124.30 ($18.24). By comparing the prescribing trends, the drug cost and generic name percent were increasing yearly. Though other indicators had no statistical significance, they had decreasing trend. Academic and administrative interventions have already been made by Chinese medical management; some prescribing indicators are higher than other countries, but the prescribing trends are becoming more and more rational.


Key words: Pharmacoepidemiology, hospital pharmacy, prescription, rational use of drugs, antibiotic percent, injection percent.