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African Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

African Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

Physiotherapy Education: Global Trends, Perspectives and Future Direction

Pathophysiology, Functional Implications and Management of Spasticity in Stroke – A Review

Injection-induced Sciatic Nerve Injury Among Children Managed in a Nigerian Physiotherapy Clinic: A Five-Year Review

Factors Associated with Health-related Quality of Life among Post-paralytic Polio Survivors in Nigeria

Balance Performance of Professional Footballers with Long-term Lower Limb Musculoskeletal Injury

Low Back Pain At Work: Knowledge and Attitude of Sectional Heads at the University College Hospital, Ibadan

Influence of Menstrual Cycle on Maximal Aerobic Power of Young Female Adults

Comparison of the EMG Activities in the Vastus Medialis Oblique and Vastus Lateralis Muscles During Hip Adduction and Terminal Knee Extension Exercise Protocols

Pattern of Motion Restriction in Nigerian Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Post-injection Sciatic Neuropathy: A five-year review of cases managed in a paediatric hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria

Evaluation of the Mode of Referral of Patients for Physiotherapy by Physicians

Relationship Between the 6-minute Walk Test and Correlates of Type 2 Diabetes: Indication for caution in exercise prescription

Clinical field note — Ultrasound Therapy: Getting it Right!

Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Body Mass Index Among Adult Nigerians

Relationship of Waist-Hip Ratio and Body Mass Index to Blood Pressure of Individuals in Ibadan North Local Government

Increase in Adiposity of Type 2 Diabetes Patients following Withdrawal from Therapeutic Exercise

Influence of Gender and Leg Dominance on Q-angle Among Young Adult Nigerians

Overcoming the Barriers for Participation by the Disabled: An appraisal and global view of community-based rehabilitation in community development

Disability Care in Nigeria: The need for professional advocacy

Physiotherapy Management of Faecal Impaction: A case report*

Activities of the Professoriate: A new perspective on scholarship

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