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Training psychiatrists in South Africa

Reinstitutionalization by stealth: The Forensic Mental Health Service is the new chronic system

Posttraumatic stress disorder diagnostic criteria and suicidal ideation in a South African Police sample

Prevalence and clinical presentation of HIV positive female psychiatric inpatients

Effectiveness of a nurse facilitated cognitive group intervention among mild to moderately-depressed-women in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Predicting referral practices of traditional healers of their patients with a mental illness: An application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour

Emotional distress among caregivers of patients with epilepsy in Katsina State, Northern Nigeria

Monitoring the prevalence of methamphetamine-related presentations at psychiatric hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa

Scientific Letter: Gestalt psychotherapy in the outpatient treatment of borderline personality disorder: a case report

Editorial: Improving mental health systems in Africa

Scientific Letter: Homemade heroin substitute causing hallucinations

Scientific Letter: Sodium valproate for the treatment of mania in a patient with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

The accuracy of interpreting key psychiatric terms by ad hoc interpreters at a South African psychiatric hospital

Mild cognitive impairment and dementia in a heterogeneous elderly population: prevalence and risk profile

Post traumatic stress disorder and resilience in veterans who served in the South African border war

Screening a heterogeneous elderly South African population for cognitive impairment: the utility and performance of the Mini-Mental State Examination, Six Item Screener, Subjective Memory Rating Scale and Deterioration Cognitive Observee

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its associated factors in long-term patients in a specialist psychiatric hospital in South Africa

Understanding cohort differences in appraisals of reconstruction priorities of mental health systems in postconflict Liberia

Patient access to care- a need for mental health leadership, and a role for industry

Understanding DSM-5. Advice for South African practitioners

Usage of ‘Download of Psychiatry’ in Africa

Mania after termination of epilepsy treatment: A case report

Expressed emotion among schizophrenic patients in Lagos, Nigeria: A pilot study

A review of quality of life studies in Nigerian patients with psychiatric disorders

Meanings of thinness and dysfunctional eating in black South African females: A qualitative study

Clinical factors associated with rape victims’ ability to testify in court: a records-based study of final psychiatric recommendation to court

Assessment of the needs of vulnerable youth populations in post-conflict Liberia

Clinical and psycho-social profile of child and adolescent mental health care users and services at an urban child mental health clinic in South Africa

Using a treatment partner and text messaging to improve adherence to psychotropic medication: A qualitative formative study of service users and caregivers in Cape Town, South Africa

Psychiatric classification, stigma, and mental health

Clozapine- induced recurrent and transient parotid gland swelling

Deserves a hearing? A case report of remitting tinnitus with N-acetyl cysteine

Sublingual atropine for the treatment of severe and hyoscine-resistant clozapine-induced sialorrhea

The role of spirituality in specialist psychiatry: A review of the medical literature

Use of interactive teaching techniques to introduce mental health training to medical schools in a resource poor setting

The role of psycho-education in improving outcome at a general hospital psychiatry clinic in Uganda

Psychosocial rehabilitation in a chronic care hospital in South Africa: views of clinical staff

Pattern of attendance and predictors of default among Nigerian outpatients with schizophrenia

Depressive symptoms after a sexual assault among women: understanding victim-perpetrator relationships and the role of social perceptions

The experiences of parents of children with mental disability regarding access to mental health care

Are we slaves to DSM? A South African perspective

Conflict of interest: The elephant in your practice

Scientific Letter: High-intent suicide and the Beck’s Suicide Intent scale: a case report

Scientific Letter: Autonomic nervous system status and responsiveness and the levels of anxiety in a normal population

Neurosurgery for mental disorders: a review

Attitude towards psychiatric treatment and referral pattern in the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital- A preliminary report

Organising for self-advocacy in mental health: Experiences from seven African countries

The attitudes of clergy in Benin City, Nigeria towards persons with mental illness

Differences in the association between childhood trauma and BMI in black and white South African women

The correlates of stress, coping styles and psychiatric morbidity in the first year of medical education at a Nigerian University

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