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African Journal of Sustainable Development

African Journal of Sustainable Development

Global field exercise in Africa: an example of problem-solving approaches for sustainable development in Africa

Constraints of small scale farmers’ access to agricultural credit in Osun State, Nigeria

Determinants of electronic waste management practices among information and communication technology artisans in Ibadan, Nigeria

Knowledge and perception of climate change among peasant farmers in a forest-savannah transition zone of Odo-Otin Area of Osun State

Diseases and sustainable development: the cases of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in Nigeria

Supervision response differential by cadre of supervisors among agricultural postgraduate students in southwestern Nigeria

Teacher educators’ use of active learning strategies for attainment of sustainable development goal 4

Sustainable development goals and universal health coverage: issues and options for sustainable health financing in Nigeria

Determinants of Child Labour and Schooling: Implications for Poverty and Social Inequality Reduction among Rural Households of Ogun State, Nigeria

The Nigeria’s Demographic Transition and Economic Prospects

Income and Non Income Effects on Happiness: A Survey

Rural Tourism: A Tool for Promoting Rural Development and Peace; A Study of Anambra State, South-East Nigeria

Spatio -temporal Analyses of Land Use Cover dynamics in a Coastal Savanna Wetland, Ghana

Development of an Efficient Chamber for Green-Drying Moringa Oleifera Leaves

Scalability of Water and Sanitation Provision through Donor Intervention Schemes in Ikaram Millennium Village, Ondo State, Nigeria

Towards Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change: the Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Nigeria and Ghana

Interrelationships among unemployment, inflation and economic growth in Nigeria

Resilience of African cities and post – 2015 Development Agenda

Spatial analysis of digital technologies and impact on socio - cultural values in selected communities in Nigeria

Sustaining rural livelihoods: On-farm climate-smart adaptation measures among smallholder farmers in rural Ghana

Changing rural urban linkages in Africa in a globalizing economy

Motivation for Enrolment and Influence of Postgraduate Study Programme on Career Satisfaction among Agriculture Students in Southwestern Nigeria

Indigenous information as tool for consolidating and promoting natural resources conservation in Igbo-speaking communities of southeast Nigeria

Assessment of Java programming self-efficacy among engineering students in a typical Nigerian University

“Expect More Floods In 2013”: An analysis of flood preparedness in the flood prone City of Ibadan, Nigeria

Production and characterisation of biochar from different farm wastes

Socio- cultural importance of sacred forests conservation in south southern Nigeria

Characterization of Terminalia catappa linn oil, Linn oil-based methyl ester and its blends

Strength and thermal stability of fiber reinforced plastic composites made from rattan canes

Sustainable Development in Pre-Colonial, Colonial, and Post-Colonial Africa: Issues and Contexts

Actualizing Effectual Citizens’ Engagement in the Nigerian Electoral Process: An Opinion Survey (1999-2011)

Local Government Administration and Communal Clashes in Nigeria

Paradigm Shift: Youth Engagement in the Conduct of the 2015 Elections in Nigeria

Human Capital Development in Western Region, Nigeria, 1955-1968

Export Potential of Nigerian Horticultural Fruits Industry

Production of Citric Acid from Solid State Fermentation of Sugarcane Waste using Aspergillus Niger and Indigenous Sugarcane Microflora

Improvement Design of an Existing Atomized Kerosene Stove for Better Performance

Building Resilience in Nigeria’s Energy Sector for Sustainable Development

Gender, Small Scale Industrial Development and Poverty Reduction in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District (AEED) in the Central Region of Ghana

Influence of Extension Education on Household Adoption of Forestry Conservation Practices in South Eastern Nigeria

Adolescents’ Interaction with Wildlands in Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos and the Development of Interest towards Conservation

Health-Sector Performance in Post-Independent Nigeria: A Comparative Impact Analysis of Two Regimes

In Search of a Sustainable Economic Development Agenda in Ghana since Independence: The role of the IMF and the World Bank

Corruption, Government Expenditures and Economic Performance: Nigeria’s Experience in the New Democratic Era (1999-2012)

Contradictions of Ethnic Loyalty and the Quest for National Development in Nigeria: A Sociological Investigation

Agricultural Development in Rural Nigeria: A Review of Approaches

Nigeria in the Dynamic World of Internet Facilities usage and its ripple Impact on Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Biodiversity Conservation, Tourism and Development in Okomu National Park, Edo State, Nigeria

Factors Influencing Indigenous Knowledge Data Elicitation from Herbal Medicinal Practitioners in South-Western Nigeria

Attitudinal Perception of Local People towards Wildlife Conservation: A Case Study of Oban Sector, Cross-River National Park, Nigeria

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